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See news about the Canoe-In for Motorless Weller Pond on August 18th. See report about the event in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. See PROTECT op-ed that makes the case for a motorless Weller Pond. See early news article here.

See report on WAMC Public Radio about PROTECT’s call for conversion of North Creek & Saratoga Railway to a new 50-mile public multi-use recreation trail from Saratoga Springs to North Creek. PROTECT calls for a study about conversion of the rail line to a public trail.

Proposed changes to state property tax payments on Forest Preserve lands is getting scrutinized across the state. The Times Union and Watertown Daily Times editorialized against it. See articles in the Times Union, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Watertown Daily Times, the Press Republican, and WAMC Public Radio. See PROTECT article in the Adirondack Almanack.

Boreas Ponds is proposed for classification as Wilderness. See editorial in Adirondack Daily Enterprise. See editorial in the Daily Gazette. See news reports on North Country Public Radio, the Daily Gazette, Sun Community News, and Press Republican.

Don’t trash the Adirondacks: See new video opposing storage of used oil tanker railcars in the Adirondack Park.

The Daily Gazette pushes to keep the pressure on to block storage of oil tankers in the Adirondacks. See reports on rail company demanding that its cars be pulled out of the Adirondacks on WAMC Public Radio and the Times Union.

NYS Comptroller penned letter to Berkshire Hathaway CEO asking him to pull out Union Tank Car Company oil tankers from the Adirondacks.

See New York Times report on the storage of used oil tanker railcars into the Adirondack Park.

See WTEN News 10 report on oil trains in the Adirondacks.

PROTECT appeared on Capital Tonight to talk about the passage of Proposal 3 and implementation of the Health & Safety Land Account on the Forest Preserve.

Protect the Adirondacks goes to bat for Proposal 3 on Election Day, November 7, 2017: See PROTECT statements in New York Times report on the issues around Proposal 3. See op-eds in the Watertown Daily Times, Plattsburgh Press Republican, Ithaca Journal, Adirondack Almanack, joint statement with broad Adirondack community organizations, the Schenectady Daily Gazette, and Spectrum News.

More train news. See op-ed in the Watertown Times and news report in The Saratogian. See where Warren County Board of Supervisors pass resolution against this plan.

A bad idea is back: The Saratoga & North Creek Railway, part of Iowa Pacific Railroad, plans to store hundreds of old railroad cars on remote rail lines in the central Adirondacks. See news report from North Country Public Radio story, the Post Star, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Times Union, WAMC Public Radio, and the Schenectady Daily Gazette.

The Village Voice takes a hard look at the pending classification of the Boreas Ponds and the controversial hut-to-hut project that seeks to build some kind of new rental structures on the Forest Preserve.

The New York Times reports on southern pine beetle on the march north in New York, aided by milder winters. The Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports on Emerald Ash Borer caught in early detection trap set north of the Adirondacks.

Seven Days in Burlington, VT does the Adirondacks. See article about the political fortunes of Congressional Rep Elise Stefanik. See piece about huts at the Boreas Ponds. More on farming in the Champlain Valley and crowding on Cascade Mountain.

New “Health and Safety Land Accounts” proposed Constitutional Amendment to Article 14 Forest Preserve section is passed by Legislature and will be on November ballot. See reports in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Daily Gazette, Sun Community News, Press Republican, and North Country Public Radio.

Register for the Protect the Adirondacks 2017 annual members meeting at Heaven Hill Farm in Lake Placid.

State buys the Marion River Carry. This purchase was part of the lands added to the Forest Preserve as part of the Township 40 agreement/Constitutional Amendment. See articles in the Daily Enterprise, Adirondack Explorer, Associated Press and Lake Placid News.

North Country Public Radio interview about questions around $32 million investment in the former Frontier Town property.

State nowhere close to making a decision on the classification of Boreas Ponds, but continues to examine proposals that would violate the forever wild clause that protects the Forest Preserve. See report in the Times Union.

In disarray, the state delays action on the classification of Boreas Ponds. See reports in the Press Republican, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, and the Adirondack Almanack.

Trial over the future management of the forever wild Forest Preserve starts. See reports in the Daily Gazette, Times Union, and the Adirondack Almanack.

Judge orders trial in PROTECT’s lawsuit over the future of of Article XIV, the forever wild provision of the NYS Constitution. See reports in the Times Union, The Adirondack Almanack, The Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Associated Press, and The Sun Community News. Watch interview about this lawsuit on Capital Tonight. Listen to a report on North Country Public Radio. Watch report on WSTM TV in Syracuse.

Protect the Adirondacks took part in a debate over the future classification of the Boreas Ponds in Schroon lake. Watch the whole 2-hour program courtesy of Mountain Lakes Public TV. See news report in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and The Sun Community News.

2016 marked the 3rd year in a row to break the record for hottest year on record. See reports in The New York Times, National Public Radio, NASA, The Washington Post, Slate, and Scientific American.

Read an op-ed on the importance of wilderness from Protect the Adirondacks in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Read the new Protect the Adirondacks 2015-16 annual report.

The Sun writes about Cuomo’s environmental spending and considers “What does President Trump mean for the Adirondacks?”

Public comment period underway for classification of Boreas Ponds and other Forest Preserve lands. See news reports on WAMC Public Radio, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Times Union, and the Daily Gazette.

Cuomo Administration orders APA and DEC to send paltry set of classification options for Boreas Ponds and other Forest Preserve areas. See article in Adirondack Almanack and PROTECT statement.

Summer 2016 breaking records for northern areas, making 2016 likely to be the hottest year on record, breaking records set in 2015 and 2014.

Court intervenes to stop tree cutting again on the Forest Preserve while PROTECT appeals denial of permanent injunction. See articles in the Adirondack Almanack, The Sun Community News, the Times Union.

Judge shoots down restraining order that had stopped tree cutting on the Forest Preserve for 25 days. PROTECT will appeal ruling. See stories in the Adirondack Almanack and Times Union.

Governing Magazine puts the spotlight on the debate over the future of motorsports on the Forest Preserve of the Adirondack Park and the state of rural America.

ATVs and public roads are a bad combination = about 1 fatality every day.

Here’s an NCPR report on the silencing of the state’s chainsaws cutting down the Forest Preserve. Here’s an interview from the Capital Pressroom. See report on the Adirondack Almanack about Appellate Division upholding restraining order against state tree cutting on the Forest Preserve. See Post Star report. See report on Adirondack Almanack about original court action to halt tree cutting on the Forest Preserve.

The lack of diversity and absence of independent thinking at the Adirondack Park Agency is garnering new scrutiny in the wake of a dissenting Board member’s dead-on and critical statement. Read editorials in the Albany Times Union and Utica Observer Dispatch. Read an op-ed from PROTECT in the Press Republican and another in the Times Union.

APA Commissioner Richard Booth charges that interference and micro-management by the Cuomo Administration has weakened Forest Preserve protections. See reports on North Country Public Radio and WAMC Public Radio.

Good article in the Ithaca Journal on the decision by the the Adirondack Park Agency to weaken Forest Preserve protections in the State Land Master Plan. This is the first time in the history of the APA that the State Land Master Plan has been weakened. See article in the Adirondack Almanack.

The New York Times reports on how the various New York ethics police all passed on investigating numerous questions about illegal actions by the Department of Environmental Conservation in lobbying and advocating for the 2013 NYCO Article XIV, Section 1, Constitutional Amendment.

PROTECT and other groups launch a lawsuit to challenge approval of the Essex Chain Lakes UMP. Listen to story on North Country Public Radio, see story at the Times Union blog and the Capital New York. See report at the Adirondack Almanack. See news reports from the Associated Press, the Times Union, listen to report on WAMC Public Radio and see report in the Press Republican. See another article in the Lake Placid News.

Good update on the state of the moose population in the Adirondacks.

NY Comptroller DiNapoli releases new study that finds $5 billion impact from hunting, fishing and trapping involving over 2 million resident and non-resident license sales.

Mountain lion sighting confirmed in Tennessee. See report in Field and Stream.

A whimsical yet insightful news report from Brian Mann at North Country Public Radio on how state agencies bend environmental laws in the Adirondack Park with the new Essex Chain Lakes UMP.

Sad Day: APA approves illegal and deeply flawed Essex Chain Lakes UMP. See report in the Times Union. Listen to a report on WAMC Public Radio.

Cougars are being sited in the Midwest reports The Smithsonian and National Geographic. Cougar sitings are recorded in Tennessee and Kansas. Many fear that new punitive hunting seasons on cougars throughout the west will prevent any further expansion eastward and even threaten the viability of nascent populations in the Dakotas.

Good News! The Post Star breaks story that Iowa Pacific says it’s unlikely it will store used dirty oil tanker rail cars in the Adirondacks. See report in the Albany Times Union and New York Now.

After PROTECT visited dilapidated rail cars Iowa Pacific Railway is storing near the Boreas River on its rail line through the Forest Preserve, the company threatened us with “trespassing” charges. Read about it in the Adirondack Almanack, North Country Public Radio, and the Post Star. See PROTECT’s report on our field visit.

DEC submits its highly illegal and highly controversial final UMP for Essex Chain Complex to the APA, which will now hold a public hearing. This is a deeply flawed UMP. See a report on WAMC Public Radio. See PROTECT’s letter to the APA detailing numerous problems with this UMP.

Storage of used oil tanker rail cars on rail lines in the Adirondack Park, often passing through Forest Preserve lands, is a bad idea. See PROTECT’s opposition in a North Country Public Radio report, the Times Union, and in a letter to Governor Cuomo. Listen to National Public Radio report on this controversy by Brian Mann here.

The New York Times reports on PROTECT’s research into violations by the NYS DEC when lobbying for the NYCO Constitutional Amendment. Read PROTECT’s “Complaint” here. See reports from the Capital Confidential, the North Country Gazette, and the Adirondack Almanack. Listen here to a report on North Country Public Radio and see report in the Times Union. See terrific op-eds in the Buffalo News, the Plattsburgh Press Republican, the Utica Observer Dispatch and the Elmira Star Gazette.

Hail to the Chief. President Obama moves to improve and strengthen the U.S. Clean Power Plan, which will help curb climate change pollution.

The Glens Falls Post Star editorializes in support of studying the reintroduction of wolves and cougars.

PROTECT talks studying the return of wolves and cougars on Capital Tonight.

PROTECT posts op-ed on the Adirondack Almanack calling for the removal of the Polaris Bridge over the Hudson River.

PROTECT advocates for draft NYS Wildlife Action Plan to include a study for the restoration of wolves and cougars. See news reports on Capital Confidential blog, Associated Press, and Daily Gazette report.

PROTECT calls on APA to reject Community Connector Trail Plan UMPs at its July meeting. See reports in the Times Union and Lake Placid News. See news report on WAMC Public Radio.

Public hearings underway for draft Essex Chain Complex UMP. See reports in the Lake Placid News, North Country Public Radio, and the Daily Gazette.

NYS DEC Commissioner Joe Martens is stepping down. Martens leaves a checkered record. He banned fracking and oversaw the state’s purchase of 69,000 acres of new Forest Preserve lands, but he also worked to sell Forest Preserve to a mining company and oversaw the largest expansion of motor vehicle access in the history of the Forest Preserve. See Newsday report.

28,000-acre Brandon Park, which includes long stretches of two branches of the St. Regis River, was purchased for over $23 million by a billionaire from China who states he plans to manage it as a preserve.

The Daily Gazette looks at the issue of cougars in the Adirondacks and reports on PROTECT’s Cougar Watch project.

The Department of Environmental Conservation has released a draft Unit Management Plan for the Essex Chain Lakes area. This UMP is controversial and public comments will be accepted until July 27th.

The Departments of Environmental Conservation and Transportation have released a draft Unit Management Plan for the Remsen to Lake Placid Railroad Corridor. The agencies propose to refurbish the rail line from Remsen to Tupper Lake and build a bike trail from Tupper Lake to Lake Placid. Public comments will be accepted until July 27th.

New lands were purchased by New York State from the Nature Conservancy on the southern flanks of the High Peaks Wilderness area. Listen to a report from Brian Mann of North Country Public Radio who canoed a newly public and opened stretch of the Opalescent River.

Adirondack Park-wide aquatic invasive species intervention and prevention program poised for starting this summer and a number of inspection and decontamination stations will be operational across the Adirondacks. Read report here. Read a press release from Governor Cuomo and the DEC on this new initiative.

The first Cycle Adirondacks is coming to the Park in August. The tour will begin at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, August 23rd with a ceremonial start at Main Street and LaPan Highway in Saranac Lake. It includes overnight stops in Star Lake, Boonville, Camden, Old Forge and Long Lake. The tour will end in Saranac Lake on Saturday, August 29th. See news report in the Lake Placid News.

Brave thinking. New report looks at the benefits to reintroducing cougars to the Adirondack Park and makes the case to bring back this top predator.

Big news. 6,200 acres of former Finch lands known as “McIntyre East” bordering the High Peaks Wilderness as well as lands along the Hudson River along the Tahawus Road was purchased by the state for the Forest Preserve.

Bright lights, big coyote howls. Coyote tracked and captured in Chelsea in Manhattan. One of many reports of coyotes wondering the big city streets.

Very cool. ANCA published terrific new guide showing numerous opportunities for disabled access across the Adirondacks for outdoor experiences.

Cool science. Paul Smith’s College professor Curt Stager documents existence of yellow perch in the Adirondacks dating back over 2,000 years. State policy calls these fish non-native.

Bravo! Historic agreement to tackle prevention and control of aquatic invasive species across the Adirondack Park. See Times Union report. Lake George gears up for its second season of mandatory boat controls.

PROTECT and other Adirondack environmental groups call for the APA to cluster backcountry subdivisions with new Conservation Subdivision Design standards. The APA yawns. See report in the Adirondack Explorer.

The Adirondack Explorer takes a hard look at the question of wolf reintroduction to the Adirondack Park. One local outdoors writer debunks myths about coyotes. The New York Times reports on coyotes taking up residence for the long term in New York City.

Proposed 93-Room Lake Flower Hotel hits a snag. Village of Saranac Lake slows down review. Hotel Saranac developer asks that the Village of Saranac Lake decision consider the impacts on his major renovation project. There are many vexing issues to consider in this enormous building proposed for Pontiac Bay in Lake Flower.

PROTECT responds to more bogus charges from developers of the Adirondack Club & Resort project.

Cool research. SUNY ESF research team looks at the impacts on New York’s deer herd from coyotes. Their conclusion from this 5-year study: coyotes don’t have much of an impact.

Paul Smith’s College prof makes the case for protection of snowshoe hare habitat throughout the Adirondack Park.

Protect the Adirondacks calls on the Essex County Board of Supervisors to let freedom ring and rescind their resolution to silence our advocacy and environmental protection work. Read PROTECT’s Statement to the Essex County Board of Supervisors at the February 5, 2015 meeting.

Bravo! NYS Appellate Court upholds public navigation rights in the Shingle Shanty case.

2014 was the warmest year on record. The 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1997.

Terrific Times Union editorial looks at backcountry sprawl in the Adirondacks and the importance of protecting great open spaces.

Denton Publications of Elizabethtown editorialized for Protect the Adirondacks to be silenced and censored. The editorial was widely denounced by other Adirondack news outlets (see reports here and here). Letter writers excoriated Denton’s editorial (see here, here and here.) Under fire Denton Publications renounced its editorial and pledged reforms for how it will editorialize in the future. As Denton was walking back its error in judgement, the Essex County Board of Supervisors endorsed the withdrawn editorial and publicly backed censorship and blacklisting. An NCPR report finds Essex County leaders proudly defending their position against free expression.

The Adirondack Explorer/Adirondack Almanack take a look at PROTECT’s Cougar Watch project and interview those who have seen the big cats.

Rest in Peace. Former Governor Mario Cuomo dies at age 82. PROTECT salutes the accomplishments of the former Governor, who protected over 250,000 acres of lands, appointed strong environmentalists to the Adirondack Park Agency, and lead the fight against acid rain. Read about Governor Mario Cuomo and the Adirondack Park in the Lake Placid News.

Happy New Year. Wishing you all joy, good health and peace in 2015. May you have many fines times in the beautiful Adirondack Park.

Big news. The Cuomo Administration announced that it will ban fracking in New York.

New York’s Highest Court Confirms Ruinous Legal Precedent for Adirondack Park Forestlands and Open Spaces: NYS Court of Appeals denies appeal of lawsuit challenging APA’s approval of 6,000-acre subdivision in Tupper Lake. Read statement from Protect the Adirondacks. See reports Adirondack Almanack, Press Republican, Times Union, and WAMC Public Radio.

The Nature Conservancy released a new report on the possible impacts of climate change to degrade the lake trout habitat across the Adirondacks. Click here for the report.

Remembering Adirondack Park and civil rights advocate Brother Yusuf, 1950-1964.

State environmental funding has been flat. See report in the Press Republican. See report from NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

Bad news from the courts. PROTECT and others lose in State Supreme Court with challenge to plan by state agencies to implement the NYCO Amendment. Read the decision here. See report at North Country Public Radio, WAMC Public Radio, .

Troubled waters: State unsuccessfully sought the removal of the architect of the Lake George boat control program. Read reports in the Times Union, listen to North Country Public Radio, see an editorial and news report in the Post Star. Read an Adirondack Almanack report on the backstory of the state’s failed attempt.

Support is sought for the successful summit stewards program that protect rare plants on the tops of the High Peaks.

Tourism leaders plan strategies for the Adirondacks.

Legal matters: PROTECT and a coalition of groups have our day in court on challenge to state’s implementation of the NYCO Constitutional Amendment. See reports from the Press Republican and North Country Public Radio. PROTECT and Sierra Club also submit appeal papers to New York’s highest court to challenge APA’s approval of 6,000-acre development. See report in the Times Union.

New report finds that college educated young people are flocking to metropolitan areas in ever high numbers. See New York Times report. See report from the City Observatory think tank.

Paul Smith’s College professor and students try to unravel the mystery of why the tamarack is the only evergreen tree that sheds its needles each year.

The Adirondack Park Agency announced that it will hold public meetings to solicit comments and ideas from the public about policy revisions to the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. See reports at WAMC Public Radio and North Country Gazette.

The Wildlife Conservation Society releases a new report on public attitudes towards cougars in the Adirondacks. Survey looks at attitudes among Adirondack residents and non-residents.

An op-ed in the New York Times criticizes the Cuomo Administration for undermining Wilderness protections in the Adirondacks through its support and implementation of the Constitutional Amendment to allow mining on the Forest Preserve. The Administration responds.

See how candidates vying for a seat in Congress to represent the Adirondack Park and northern New York provide straight answers or refuse to answer questions about climate change. See Q&A at the Adirondack Almanack. See news stories at North Country Now and The Saratogian.

After denial in the Appellate Court, PROTECT and the Sierra Club plan to make a new motion for leave to appeal to the NYS Court of Appeals. See news report in the Press Republican,the Adirondack Almanack and in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. See a report at North Country Public Radio and listen to a report on WAMC Public Radio.

The Wildlife Conservation Society publishes extensive research on loons in the Adirondack Park. This research includes 15 “scientific papers highlighting loon behavior, life history and population ecology, movements and migration, habitat and landscape requirements, and the risk contaminants pose to loon populations.”

PROTECT the cheers newest green infrastructure project in the Adirondack Park with state rebuild of infrastructure for the Million Dollar Beach on Lake George.

The new film Disruption about the realities of climate change is now available to watch online. It’s powerful.

A Watertown Daily Times editorial provides refreshing candor about the economic realities of Northern New York.

Adirondack hiking guidebook author takes a hard look at the land and history in PROTECT’s proposal for a new West Stony Creek Wilderness area and gives the idea a thumbs up.

This map maker says 47% of the U.S. remains unoccupied by people in various forms of open space.

Wolf-coyote hybrids are taking over the Northeast USA. Read article here.

The Department of Environmental Conservation pulls back the controversial Essex Chain Complex UMP. Read article in the Press Republican, listen to a report on North Country Public Radio, and read a report from the Associated Press.

Albany has become a major hub for western crude oil, which has created many issues for the City of Albany as well as communities along the Lake Champlain and Mohawk rail lines. DEC has extended public comment period for oil facilities.

The The Adirondack Museum honors environmental leader Frances Bienecke with its 2014 Harold K. Hochschild Award. PROTECT says bravo!

Seven Days out of Burlington, Vermont spotlights the Adirondack Park and reports about public-private land management and the APA-ACR lawsuit decision.

State to open Remsen-Lake Placid Railroad UMP and examine splitting the railway by keeping trains running from Remsen to Tupper and having a multi-season recreation trail from Tupper to Lake Placid. See North County Public Radio, Observer Dispatch, and Adirondack Almanack. Read NYS DEC/DOT press release.

Sad day for the Adirondacks: Court rules against PROTECT in lawsuit challenging APA’s approval of Adirondack Club & Resort project. Read PROTECT statement. See news report at NCPR Public Radio, the Capital Confidential, the Press Republican, Times Union, and WAMC Public Radio. See statement from the Adirondack Park Agency and a statement from Governor Cuomo. Read an article on the Adirondack Almanack.

PROTECT cheers passage in the NYS Legislature of historic aquatic invasive species legislation. Read group statement from a diverse coalition that made this bill a reality. See an article in the Adirondack Almanack.

Register today for the 2014 PROTECT annual meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake. This day will include reports on PROTECT conservation and advocacy programs and a presentation by Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 Administrator.

Read news reports about PROTECT’s advocacy for a new West Stony Creek Wilderness area. See reports in the Adirondack Almanack and Associated Press.

PROTECT and others question state’s plans to implement the 2013 Constitutional Amendment to mine the Forest Preserve. Read in-depth public comment letter critiquing the state’s plans. Listen to a report on NCPR public radio. Read a report in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Gannett newspapers editorialize in support of stronger controls to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. PROTECT says “Amen.”

EPA releases historic regulations to reduce C02 emissions at power plants. U.S. gets in the game for reducing C02 pollution. Read articles in the NY Times, NBC News, and In The Capital. Listen to a piece on WAMC public radio.

Sign an online petition and help create the new 12,850-acre West Stony Creek Wilderness Area in the southern Adirondacks. This rugged area of small mountains and the meandering, wild West Stony Creek is ripe for classification as a new Wilderness area.

New documentary spotlights to the great work of many to defend Lake George and other places from aquatic invasive species. Lake George now has a mandatory boat control program. Similar programs are needed throughout the Adirondacks and across New York.

PROTECT calls for people to march in New York City on September 20th for what will surely be the biggest climate change (or environmental) march in the U.S. history.

PROTECT’s partner the Adirondack Watershed Institute has produced a new ALAP training video for the Adirondack Lake Assessment Program (ALAP).

Major new climate change report is released that documents stirring changes already underway. Read reports in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Greg Sargent’s blog in the Washington Post, The Guardian, and CNN.

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds EPA rules in EPA vs Homer City Generation to curb interstate air pollution from smokestacks originating in other states. Read reports in the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. See more legal discussions about the long-term impacts from environmental law blog Legal Planet, and Talking Points Memo. See a Post Star editorial and news report. The Buffalo News pens an insightful editorial.

Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties see a sharp drop in 25-44 year olds. Why?

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise recaps oral arguments by attorneys in front of the NYS Appellate Court in PROTECT’s lawsuit against the APA challenging the approval of the 6,000-acre ACR development.

Wildlife Conservation Society publishes new study on declining boreal bird populations in the Adirondacks, including the rusty blackbird, gray jay, yellow-bellied flycatcher, olive-sided flycatcher, and black-backed woodpecker.

New mandatory boat control regulations to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species begins on May 15th on Lake George. See new informational website by the Lake George Park Commission. See report in the Post Star.

New York Times reports on the “Zip Line” tourist attraction proposed to run 3,400 feet from the summit of French Mountain in Queensbury downslope to the Wild West Ranch. This line that runs above the treetops will be highly visible.

Proposed 90-room $15 million Lake Flower Inn hits snags with floodplain development issues. Listen to NCPR report. Read report in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

New York Times reports on new IPCC report: “The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations group that periodically summarizes climate science, concluded that ice caps are melting, sea ice in the Arctic is collapsing, water supplies are coming under stress, heat waves and heavy rains are intensifying, coral reefs are dying, and fish and many other creatures are migrating toward the poles or in some cases going extinct.” Click here for IPCC report.

Wall Street Journal reports on rural flight. 80% of counties outside metropolitan areas lost population in recent years.

Proposed 90-room Lake Flower Inn is controversial in the Village of Saranac Lake. The Mayor supports it. You can read other letters of concern in The Adirondack Daily Enterprise here, here, and here.

New York purchases 8,451 acres for the Forest Preserve, completes Phase 2 of 69,000-acre Finch lands purchase. Read artic les in The Press Republican, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, and Adirondack Almanack.

Trains loaded with Bakken crude oil from the Dakotas are on the rise in New York and the Adirondacks. See report from Capital New York. Senator Gillibrand weighs in with concerns. Essex County officials are planning for potential emergency responses. See the Associated Press report and the Press Republican story. Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order for study and planning.

Fish and Wildlife Service extends public comments on plans to delist the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act after scientific panel finds its rationale to be unsupported by science. Read the UPI report and reports in the Science Recorder, the Dallas Chronicle, Nature World News, and LA Times.

Governor Cuomo makes it final and signs the APA-DEC’s recommendations for Forest Preserve classification of Hudson River and Essex Chain Lakes. See report in the Buffalo News, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Associated Press, and the Press Republican. Listen to a report on WAMC public radio.

Aquatic invasive species control needs to be improved through a comprehensive statewide program. See reports in The Saratogian, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, and the Troy Record.

Legendary folksinger and environmental activist Pete Seeger died at age 94. Read about his life in the New York Times. Seeger was a champion of environmental protection in New York, especially in his work to protect the Hudson River. Listen to Pete Seeger sing The Ballad of Blue Mountain Lake.

New article in the journal Nature finds that trees accelerate growth as they get older.

DEC taking comments on new 19,000-acre Kushuqua Conservation Easement UMP in Franklin County.

Here’s an excellent overview on the status of cougars in the eastern U.S.

Of the last 19 Winter Olympics sites less than half will be viable to host another games in the next few decades due to climate change. Lake Placid is projected to remain viable.

The Post Star reports that we’re experiencing the third bad snow year in a row for snowmobiling. Perhaps we need a different winter economic development strategy?

New Cougar Watch project reported in the Watertown Daily Times, the Syracuse Post Standard, in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, and on North Country Now. Click here for the AP News story. See more background information on cougars in the Adirondacks. See a column in the Oneonta Daily Star and a news report in the Lake Placid News.

Wanakena suspension bridge over the Oswegatchie River is damaged by ice flows.

Adirondack Park historian Phil Terrie pens an op-ed “Forever isn’t Forever” about Forest Preserve Constitutional Amendments.

A $130,000 PR campaign by the NYS Association of Realtors attacks PROTECT over our efforts to hold government agencies accountable in approvals for the largest development in the Adirondacks in the last 40 years. See articles in the Press Republican, WAMC public radio and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Editorial in the Staten Island Advance looks at Florida, which is about to surpass New York as the 3rd most populous state, and compares a variety of cost-of-living indicators. The editorial ends by calling for major changes to improve the state’e economy while ridiculing “strip-mining Adirondack park land” as “a suitable response.”

Governor Cuomo makes big push to promote snowmobiling and other winter sports in upstate New York. See reports in the Capital Confidential the Gannett Newspapers and Newzjunky. See the state’s new ads to promote winter sports tourism upstate.

Kelly Adirondack Center/Union College get major new grant to catalogue and organize Apperson-Schaefer papers in Adirondack Research Library.

The Adirondack Explorer writes up the whole classification process and decision story for the Finch lands. Adirondack Life blogs about the APA decision. Governor Cuomo set to approve APA Forest Preserve classifications after December 27th deadline. APA makes historic decision on Hudson River and Essex Chain Lakes Forest Preserve classifications. See reports in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Press Republican, Associated Press wire story, and on the Adirondack Almanack. Listen to a WNYC report. Listen to report on NCPR. Outdoor Life writes up the Finch lands deal and the initial Forest Preserve classifications. The Leader-Herald reviews the decision.

Northeast states petition federal government to challenge clean air rules to force pollution mitigation efforts in upwind states in Midwest and Upper South that export pollution. Air pollution laws also reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

APA-DEC release proposed classification of former Finch lands. See reports on the Adirondack Almanack, the Times Union and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. Listen to a report on WAMC public radio. Op-ed in the Buffalo News calls for Wilderness.

APA refuses to release legal and policy analysis about classification options for the Essex Chain Lakes.

AP takes a look at PROTECT’s lawsuit challenging construction and management of road-like “snowmobile trails” on the Forest Preserve.

Saranac Lake is part of North Country biotech cluster.

Governor Cuomo commits $12 million to fix memorial highway to top of Whiteface Mountain.

Governor Cuomo announces he will rebuild elevator inside Whiteface Mountain, among other projects.

Phil Brown reports on APA withholding information on Essex Chain Lakes classification.

APA pushes back timeline for a decision on the classification of the Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River Forest Preserve lands. No information will be released to the public any time soon.

Two proposed amendments to Article 14 of the State Constitution were approved on November 5th. Proposition 5 was approved 53% – 47% and Proposition 4 passed 72% – 27%. Click here for results. See post-election analysis by PROTECT in the Adirondack Almanack. See post-election reports in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Press Republican. Turns out NYCO spent over $530,000 to win this vote.

See a new VOTE NO on PROPOSITION 5 website. Newsday editorializes to VOTE NO on Proposition 5. The Times Union editorial calls on New Yorkers to Vote No on Proposition 5.

Catskill Mountainkeeper says VOTE NO on Proposition 5.
John Davis of the Wildlands Networks explains why he is voting no on Prop 5. The NRDC says Vote No on Prop 5. The Atlantic States Legal Foundation calls for a “No Vote” on Proposition 5. PROTECT makes the “Vote No” case on Proposition 5 in a lively debate in City and State (page 26) as well as in an op-ed in the Watertown Daily Times. See an op-ed in the Ithaca Journal calling for a No Vote on Proposition 5.

The Lake George Mirror editorializes in support of a No Vote on Proposition 5. The Adirondack Daily Enterprise weighs the pros and cons of Proposition 5 and the AP reports on the upcoming vote.

Listen to a discussion about the many problems with Proposition 5 on WCNY Capitol Pressroom. See NY NOW public TV reporting on the proposed Forest Preserve land swap. Listen to another story on WAMC public radio. Noted Forest Preserve writer says “Vote No” on Proposition 5 in an article on Adirondack Almanack. Commentator from the Champlain Valley says Proposition 5 Forest Preserve land swap is a bad idea. The Times Union takes a look at Proposition 5.

Governor Cuomo makes visit the Adirondacks on fact finding tour around classification of Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River. See reports in Denton Publications, on North Country Public Radio, and the Post Star. See analysis on the Adirondack Almanack that scrutinizes the Governor’s visit.

PROTECT makes the case for reform of the APA Act to modernize and update water quality protections to safeguard major lakes and ponds across the Adirondacks.

Legal Defense of the Adirondacks Updates: Watertown Daily Times reports on PROTECT’s lawsuit over snowmobile trail construction and management on the Forest Preserve, while NCPR reports on our lawsuit over the APA’s approval of the Adirondack Club & Resort project.

Could not have said it better: great defense of Adirondack wilderness in Times Union.

NCPR reports on PROTECT’s legal challenge against the APA’s approval of the Adirondack Club & Resort project.

The New York Times features PROTECT as it takes a look at the classification of Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River.

Acid rain drops in the Adirondacks and remote lakes and ponds come back to life.

One APA Commissioner says that a Wild Forest classification for the Essex Chain lakes is all wrong. See Phil Brown’s report in the Adirondack Almanack.

PROTECT vice-chair pens a great piece for Wilderness in the Times Union. Here’s a terrific letter in the Troy Record by a Board member calling for Wilderness for the Essex Chain Lakes.

The APA holds off on the Finch lands classification decision. Read accounts in the Daily Enterprise and on North Country Public Radio.

The Associated Press reports on the APA’s Forest Preserve classification decision. The New York Times editorializes for Wilderness for the Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River. The Syracuse Post Standard backs Wilderness too. Local government leaders call for a Wild Forest classification of former Finch lands. The Times Union reports on this looming decision. The Press Republican reports on this story too.

Beautiful letter urges that we keep the Adirondack Park wild.

Governor Cuomo celebrates 20 years of the NYS Environmental Protection Fund.

Albany legislative leaders talk about possibility of a new $5 billion environmental bond act for New York.

The APA is likely to continue to deliberate new Forest Preserve classifications for the Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River in September and put off a final decision until October or November. Public comments ran 4-1 in favor of a Wilderness classification. Read John Warren’s piece in the Adirondack Almanack saying to give the people the Wilderness they want and see a 2-part series on the APA’s looming decision by the Press Republican (part one and part two).

See new members to the APA Board of Commissioners.

The Adirondack Park Agency has started its public review for Forest Preserve classification of the former Finch Paper lands, one of the biggest issues to face the agency in a decade. Watch the proceedings here. See APA materials here. Read the North Country Public Radio report and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise report. The APA expects to make a decision at its October or November meeting. PROTECT’s analysis of written public comments found that they ran 4-1 in favor of Wilderness over Wild Forest. 3600 written comments were filed compared with 250 made during the public hearings.

Get involved to help Adirondack movie theathers in the Go Digital or Go Dark campaign. Help keep vibrant community assets going. Theaters in Indian Lake, Old Forge, Schroon Lake, Lake Placid and Tupper Lake could all be affected by the movie industry change in technology.

Help the Department of Environmental Conservation with annual survey of turkeys across the state. See news report. Here’s the hot line and reporting information.

Grand new hotel and resort proposed for the shores of Lake Flower in the hamlet of Saranac Lake. Village Planning Board is starting its review.

Common Ground Alliance meets. The agenda was light, but enthusiasm was high.

Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bloomberg plan to descend upon the Town of Indian Lake for a raft race on Saturday and Sunday July 20-21st. See the Adirondack Daily Enterprise story about this event. The Seven Days covers canoeing in the Adirondack Park.

The AP writes up the NYCO proposed Constitutional Amendment story, but gets its facts wrong. The Seven Days in Burlington covers the story and does a much better job.

WAMC public radio covers APA Forest Preserve classification hearings.

Researchers focusing on trailhead register data.

Governor Cuomo attends a ribbon cutting for the new Keene fire hall.

Governor Cuomo and State Senator Betty Little make a deal to appoint two new APA Commissioners and reappoint three others. Result: a weak APA Board is now even weaker. See report in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and North Country Public Radio. See WAMC public radio news report.

APA public hearings on Forest Preserve classification of Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River begin. See Daily Enterprise report. Watch the first hearing at APA headquarters in Ray Brook.

Legislature poised to pass the draft NYCO Constitutional Amendment. Read article in Adirondack Almanack. See press report in the Post Star. See Daily Enterprise report. See WAMC public radio news report.

PROTECT releases The Myth of Quiet, Motor-free Waters in the Adirondack Park; see report on North Country Now.

Sign new online petition to support new Hudson Headwaters Wilderness Area.

New accords struck by Governor Cuomo, first with the Oneidas and then with the Mohawks, close the door for casino gambling in the Adirondack Park. Both accords are based upon Native American casino exclusivity agreements. The Oneidas have a 10-county exclusivity deal, the Mohawks have an 8-county deal.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise blogs about two procedural victories in PROTECT-Sierra Club lawsuit challenging APA’s approval of 6,000-acre ACR project. See Daily Enterprise news story.

The Times Union reports on the NYCO land swap. The Post Star takes a look at the proposed NYCO Constitutional Amendment. Also, see a detailed article in the Adirondack Almanack.

Major climate news: The planet has passed a major warming milestone: scientists now seeing 400 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. See reports in the Washington Post, National Geographic, and The New York Times. See the NOAA report. Al Gore weighs in on passing 400 parts per million.

Gotham Magazine publishes an article about Governor Cuomo’s affections for the Adirondack Park.

APA works out a good plan for mountaintop emergency communications towers on Forest Preserve and private lands for Essex County. Then County officials blast protections and assessment for Bicknell’s thrush, a rare mountaintop bird. County officials complain to the Governor, the Governor has the APA change permit and UMP. Bad process, no science, a big mess. More information on how the state agencies caved in the face of bogus charges.

Governor Cuomo buys OK Slip Falls, the Blue Ledges and the Hudson River Gorge. New York State also announces plans to finalize purchase of Cat and Thomas Mountains in Bolton overlooking Lake George.

Adirondack Life allows pot shots at those working to protect the Adirondacks by Adirondack Futures project facilitators. PROTECT sets the record straight in the Adirondack Almanack.

Noted Adirondack historian Phil Terrie writes about How to Fix the APA in the new issue of The Adirondack Explorer. He takes a broad look at a range of issues.

The Post Star looks at the question of combatting invasive pests on the Forest Preserve by removing infested trees. This is something the environmental community will very likely have to deal with.

Court approves PROTECT’s motion to challenge state snowmobile trail construction and management program. See news report in North Country Now, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, and on WAMC public radio.

State set to attempt spruce grouse reintroduction to try and expand the population in the Adirondack Park.

Local outdoors columnist attacks with numerous errors Adirondack Explorer editor Phil Brown over his successful defense of public navigation rights, but then walks back his comments in his next column with a series of corrections.

Brandreth Park Association and Friends of Thayer Lake plan to appeal recent public navigation rights ruling that opened Shingle Shanty Creek and other waters to public use.

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise gets it wrong in an editorial and PROTECT sets the record straight.

New study from Stanford University argues that New York State could produce enough energy from wind-, solar- and hydro-power to meet all its energy needs. Read about the plan here.

The Wildlife Conservation Society Adirondack Program releases new report Protecting Wildlife Connectivity through Land Use Planning: Best Management Practices and the Role of Conservation Development. Download report (see Latest Publications) here.

State is closer to completing purchases of lands at confluence of Indian and Hudson Rivers as well as the OK Slip tract, which includes the Blue Ledges in the Hudson Gorge. Former APA Counsel and Commissioner also tells APA to obey the State Land Master Plan. See report in Daily Enterprise.

The Inbox blog discusses population trends in the Adirondacks. PROTECT also takes a look in the context of state and national trends.

Same old song. Will Doolittle, longtime anti-Adirondack Park columnist for the Glens Falls Post Star, authors error-prone commentary attacking PROTECT with no less than 10 mistakes in less than 400 words. PROTECT corrects the record with a post on the Adirondack Almanack. More sloppiness from Will Doolittle where he can’t be bothered to get the right names of people when he attacks PROTECT.

Brian Mann picks up the conversation about PROTECT’s new Myths & Reality #1 about the Park’s supposed out-of-the ordinary aging population. The comments are lively.

John Caffry talks about the importance of the Brown public navigation rights case.

WCS Adirondack Program finds that exurban development impacts bird species as far as 200 meters away.

Phil Brown and the Adirondack Explorer win their public navigation rights lawsuit. Bravo! See NCPR piece. See editorial from the Times Union, an article in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, NCPR report, and AP story in the Washington Post.

PROTECT posts a piece on the Adirondack Almanack about its court challenge to the state’s road-like snowmobile trail construction in the Forest Preserve. See the Adirondack Daily Enterprise report on this lawsuit. More news articles in The Saratogian, AP wire, Times Union, and WCAX TV.

DEC clamps down on talking with the media.

The Times Union editorializes on a path ahead for the APA to improve regulatory review of clearcutting applications. PROTECT authors a guest editorial on the Adirondack Almanack on APA clearcutting issue. The NCPR Inbox takes a close look at this issue too.

After APA delays action on clearcutting, Brian Mann looks at the state of large industrial forests in the Adirondack Park. The Daily Enterprise reports.

It’s official: APA tables controversial new General Permit to ease clearcutting rules. PROTECT cheers this decision.

NCPR reports on APA readying approval of new General Permit to loosen clearcutting rules. Times Union, Daily Gazette, North Country Now and Daily Enterprise make reports.

PROTECT cheers 45% cuts in RGGI across 9 states from Maryland to Maine.

It’s time for Governor Cuomo and the DEC to get serious about aquatic invasive species. They should support a mandatory boat inspection and decontamination program on Lake George. Leaders from the Lake George community call the state’s bluff, demand speedy action.

See reports about classification of the TNC/Finch lands in the Adirondack Almanack here and here, and in the Times Union and Post Star.

Adirondack Club & Resort project sees Phase 1 approval delayed by the Town of Tupper Lake Planning Board because it fails to supply necessary information. ACR project is also hung up at the NYS Attorney General’s Office and DEC. Also read where Tupper Lake Village Mayor Paul Maroun personally thanks Governor Cuomo for his “help with the APA Commissioners’ vote for the ACR permit.” Sure sounds like ex parte communications.

Governor Cuomo announces $19 million increase in Environmental Protection Fund to raise it to $153 million in new 2013-14 NYS budget.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman brings pollution fines to use for environmental restoration of acid rain damage in the Adirondack Park.

Short-sighted, cowardly. DEC steps on the Lake George Park Commission and blocks program for mandatory boat inspections, favoring more “study” about the aquatic invasive species problem. Listen to report on WAMC public radio and see the Times Union.

The APA announced that former APA Commissioner James Townsend will take over as the new APA Counsel. The Adirondack Explorer reports on the appointment. See Brian Mann’s take on the hiring and an article in the Schenectady Gazette.

PROTECT salutes the great generosity of Willsboro residents Dick and Leanna DeNeale, who donated over 300 acres to Champlain Area Trails to improve outdoor recreational opportunities and preserve these beautiful lands.

The Times Union reported on the call from PROTECT and other groups for state support for a mandatory boat inspection program to protect Lake George from new aquatic invasive species. See the AP report, Post Star report, and story from Denton Newspapers. Listen to a WAMC news report. The Post Star also reports about Albany holding up plans to protect Lake George.

NCPR reports on APA’s decision to hold off on new forest clearcutting rules. North Country Now also reports on the clearcutting controversy. Read more reports in the Post Star, Times Union, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Wall Street Journal, and the Utica Observer Dispatch. Listen to the WAMC report.

State closes on first 18,000 acres of commitment to purchase 69,000 acres from The Nature Conservancy for the Forest Preserve. TNC also protected 1,400 acres on a neighboring property through a land swap.

Lani Ulrich takes a look at her first year as APA Chair in the Adirondack Express.

NYS Comptroller’s report raises questions about snowmobile trail maintenance fund spending in the Adirondacks.

Betsy Folwell reports in Adirondack Life on a new protection plan for the Marion River Carry that connects the Marion River to Utowana Lake and the Eckford Chain.

Kim Martineau, reporting for the Adirondack Explorer, asks “What makes this a Park?

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise recounts a dramatic rescue in the High Peaks.

Letter to the Editor in the Times Union questions the need for a land bank Constitutional Amendment for forever wild Article 14.

Times Union calls on Governor Cuomo to sign enhancement of Environmental Protection Fund.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Post Star, Adirondack Explorer blog, and Times Union report on new APA clearcut rules.

New NRDC reports finds climate change has already caused $1 billion in economic losses due to warming winters across 38 states.

WAMC public radio reports on new filings in PROTECT’s lawsuit against the APA challenging its ACR approvals. See story in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Listen to a report on WAMC public radio about PROTECT’s proposal for a new Upper Hudson River Wilderness Area. Listen to Brian Mann’s report on NCPR too. See more news reports in the Troy Record, Press Republican, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, two pieces in the the Adirondack Almanack here and here, and the Daily Gazette.

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise takes a hard look at why Saranac Lakes Wild Forest UMP has taken more than 10 years to produce.

Phil Brown takes a look at the issues around 28,000-acre Brandon Park, listed for sale for $27 million.

PROTECT rebuts more false charges about our lawsuit against the APA over its Adirondack Club & Resort approval decision.

The Adirondack Almanack takes a look at snowmobile trail construction based on PROTECT’s field work.

See PROTECT arguments that new Finch purchase has no negative economic impacts in “It’s Debatable” in November 2012 issue of the Adirondack Explorer.

See PROTECT Letter to the Editor in the Times Union.

The Daily Enterprise published a guest editorial from PROTECT about the merits of the APA-ACR lawsuit.

Governor Cuomo visits the Boreas Ponds, the heart of the TNC-Finch lands deal. See press reports in the Times Union, NCPR, Press Republican, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Also, see a video of the Governor’s press conference.

The Times Union takes a hard look at PROTECT’s motion for discovery concerning ex parte communications. NCPR reports on PROTECT’s motion for full discovery in APA-ACR lawsuit. The Daily Enterprise posts the press release with a few comments and also filed a news report. Phil Brown writes about the PROTECT-Sierra motion too. The Capitol Confidential weighs in.

The state plans to move ahead with historic purchase of former Finch, Pruyn & Company lands now owned by the Nature Conservancy.

Getting old. The Post Star throws more stones and PROTECT responds.

Adirondack Explorer focuses on weak APA shoreline protections

Syracuse Post Standard takes a look at PROTECT’s lawsuit against the APA over its approval of the Adirondack Club and Resort project

Times Union report about PROTECT’s argument that the ACR Finding and Order has expired and the Adirondack Almanack piece on expiration issue and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise report

Jessica Collier of the Daily Enterprise writes about PROTECT’s ex parte allegations as part of its Reply in the APA-ACR Lawsuit. The Inbox also covered the exparte allegations.