Cougar News

February 2014

Cougars in Maryland? Read news report.

Cougars sighted in northwest Ontario.

Was a cow killed by a cougar in Minnesota?

Cougar control action in Colorado.

Cougars sighted in Indiana. And more sightings.

January 2014

State legislator seeks end cougar hunting in Nebraska.

Excellent overview on the status of cougars in the eastern U.S.

Connecticut group actively tracks cougar sightings throughout eastern CT and western Rhode Island.

The Atlantic reports on the cougar next door.

Terrific study about cougar diets and foraging out west.

Colorado community plans meeting to plan how to live with cougars that have moved in.

Cougar sighting in northern Minnesota.

Great project from the University of California at Santa Cruz that tracks cougars in central California.

Cool video from National Geographic about the startling “fecundity” of one female cougar in California.

How about mountain lions in Illinois? A picture of a cougar in Kewanee.

Cougar population in Bitteroot Mountains in Montana bigger than expected.

December 2013

They’re seeing cougars in western North Carolina. Sightings in Greenville, NC.

Cougars in the Berkshires?