Recent Updates

NYCO-icon SPECIAL REPORT PROTECT submits Complaint over Illegal Advocacy and Lobbying by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for NYCO Constitutional Amendment. PROTECT submits a Complaint to state ethics agencies over DEC’s lobbying and widespread support for NYCO Minerals for 2013 Constitutional Amendment. Read more here

LakeHarris-ICON November 9, 2015 New snowmobile trail construction around Harris Lake hammers the Forest Preserve. A new class II community snowmobile trail is being built from Newcomb to Minerva. This “trail” is a terrific example of how these snowmobile routes are much more like roads than foot trails and severly damage the Forest Preserve. Read more here

DefendingForestPreserve-icon November 9, 2015 APA approves widely illegal Unit Management Plan for the Essex Chain Lakes Complex. A deeply flawed and illegal UMP was approved by the Adirondack Park Agency that will result is extensive natural resource degradation and damage to the Forest Preserve. Two APA commissioners dissented and called this UMP a “legal fiction” and “illegal.” Read more here

DefendingForestPreserve-icon October 16, 2015 Essex Chain Complex Final UMP widely violates State laws and fails to conform with the State Land Master Plan. Public comments are needed by October 16th on the controversial and illegal new UMP for the Essex Chain Lakes and surrounding Forest Preserve areas. Please submit your public comment today! Read more here

Sanford-Lake-Railline-icon October 6, 2015  PROTECT cheers news that Iowa Pacific’s plan for storage of dirty oil tanker rail cars in the Adirondacks is “unlikely”. Iowa Pacific CEO tells the Post Star in Glens Falls that he has not found much interest in his plan to store dirty oil tanker rail cars in the Adirondacks. This was a bad idea that was widely rejected across the spectrum of Adirondack interests. Read more here

Kushaqua-clearcut-icon September 18, 2015  The forest clearcuts of the Kushaqua Conservation Easement lands. Forest clearcutting is on a major upswing across the Adirondack Park on industrial forestlands and state-held conservation easement tracts. The Adirondacks is in the midst of a new era of clearcutting that raises many questions about long-term forest health and forest regeneration. Read more here

ATV-Easements-Icon copy September 14, 2015  Public comments needed by September 18th on new 18,000-acre Kushaqua Conservation Easement Recreational Management Plan. This Recreational Management Plan creates the largest ATV trail network in the Adirondacks as well as opens a variety of other recreational opportunities. This plan is short on biological and natural resource data. Read more here

Sanford-Lake-Railline-icon September 8, 2015 PROTECT calls upon Governor Cuomo to reject plans to store used oil tanker rail cars in the Adirondacks. It’s time for the Cuomo Administration to step in and reject the controversial plan to store hundreds of used oil tanker rail cars on a rail line that runs through vast areas of Forest Preserve. This is just a bad idea. Read more here

Canopy-Icon August 21, 2015  Sign up as an E-Activist and help defend the Adirondack Park and the forever wild Forest Preserve. Sign up today as an E-Activist and help to defend the great forests, beautiful waters, wildlife and “forever wild” Forest Preserve in the Adirondack Park. We need you to get involved and help make a difference. Read more here

Sanford-Lake-Railline-icon August 4, 2015  Many questions about new proposal to store used oil tanker cars on the Sanford Lake Rail Line south of Tahawus Mine. Many questions arise from controversial new proposal to use parts of the Sanford Lake Rail Line, owned by the Saratoga & North Creek Railway, for long-term storage of used oil tanker cars, 300 – 500 or more. Read more here

SummerScenes-Icon July 30, 2015  Beautiful summer scenes of the mountains, forests, and waters across the Adirondack Park. PROTECT has posted a bunch of beautiful wild scenes of lush forests, wild and quiet lakes, ponds and streams, and mountaintops from across the Adirondack Park for your viewing pleasure. Now is the time to explore the wilds of the Adirondacks. See more here

DefendingForestPreserve-iconJuly 20, 2015 Public comments on new Essex Chain Lakes Complex UMP needed by July 27th. The DEC is taking public comments on a series of controversial proposals for the Essex Chain Lakes area to vastly expand motor vehicle use in the Forest Preserve and violate a series of existing laws and policies. Read more here

Article-XIV-Icon July 19, 2015 Article XIV, Section 1 of NYS Constitution has been amended 15 times since 1938 Constitutional Convention. Here’s a list of Article XIV, Section 1 Constitutional Amendments approved since 1938. Four have been passed since 2007 and more are in the works, making this period is the most active in the history of the Forest Preserve for such amendments. Read more here

OK-Slip-Falls-Event-Icon July 15, 2015 Register today for new Forever Wild Benefit featuring a guided hike to OK Slips Falls and raft trip on the Hudson River. This will be a terrific and fun event that visits beautiful parts of New York’s newest Wilderness Area. We’ll be guided by the pros at Square Eddy Expeditions in North Creek. Read more here

Gray-Wolf-Icon July 15, 2015 PROTECT calls on NYS DEC to study the feasibility of reintroducing wolves and cougars as part of the draft Wildlife Action Plan. PROTECT calls upon state leaders to include a study of the reintroduction of wolves and cougars to New York and the Adirondacks as part of the draft 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan. Read more here

RiversAct-Icon July 8, 2015 PROTECT calls on the Adirondack Park Agency to uphold the Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers Act and reject new bridge and snowmobile trail over the Boreas River. PROTECT finds that a proposed new bridge over the Boreas River, a protected Scenic River under the Rivers Act, violates state law and calls on the APA to reject this new bridge. Read more here

Cougar-icon July 2, 2015 Special presentation at Paul Smith’s College VIC on Sunday July 5th at 11:00 AM “Restoring the Big East with Big Beasts: Ecosystem Recovery and Economic Sustainability in Adirondack Park.” PROTECT hosts the Cougar Rewilding Foundation to make the case for reintroduction of these big cats to the Adirondacks. Read more here

FinchLands-Icon July 1, 2015 Protect the Adirondacks calls for the state to remove the Polaris Bridge and restore the wild Hudson River. Retention of the controversial Polaris Bridge over the Hudson River will lead to long-term natural resource degradation by linking it to new road-like snowmobile trails cut through a wild trailless part of the Forest Preserve. A better choice is to let the wild Hudson River run free. Read more here

GilmanTownTrail-icon June 25, 2015 Gilmantown class II community connector snowmobile trail shows how a forest is changed to a green lawn. Pictures of the new class II community connector snowmobile trail built through the Gilmantown section of the Jessup River Wild Forest area shows how an intact, dense forest is turned into a grassy trail. Read more here

2013-14-Annual-Report-cover-icon-web June 24, 2015 PROTECT releases new annual report for 2013-14. New annual report details conservation and advocacy highlights, including work to defend the Forest Preserve and water quality, research projects, legal actions, and field work that uncovered widespread violations of state law. The report also profiles new Board members and provides financial reports. See new report here

MotorizedUseExpansion June 16, 2015 APA and DEC willfully omit important information from evaluation of plans to build major snowmobile system through the central Adirondacks. The largest expansion of recreational motor vehicle use on the Forest Preserve is underway. Each new UMP or amendment sees ever more road-like trails proposed and approved. Read more here

DefendingForestPreserve-icon May 28, 2015 Public comments on new community connector snowmobile trail system in the central Adirondacks needed by June 15th. The APA is taking public comments on major new snowmobile trails, part of the largest expansion of motor vehicle use in the history of the Forest Preserve. Please send in your comments today. Read more here

VIC-Building-Icon May 25, 2015 Register today for the 2015 Annual Meeting at the Paul Smith’s Visitors Interpretive Center on July 5th. Join PROTECT’s Board of Directors, staff and members for the 2015 annual meeting at the Paul Smith’s VIC. The day includes a conservation and advocacy report and a special presentation on the return of cougars to the Adirondacks. Read more here

GreenInfrastructure-icon May 1, 2015 Adirondack Park Green Infrastructure Survey. Protect the Adirondacks is building a list of potential green infrastructure projects in communities around the Adirondack Park. Green infrastructure is the nexus between economic development and environmental protection. Across the Adirondack Park there is a great need to invest in green infrastructure projects. Read more here

FinchLands-Icon April 22, 2015 DEC seeks public comments on Essex Chain Lakes Complex area as it starts to develop an official Unit Management Plan. The Department of Environmental Conservation has started the process to create an official Unit Management Plan and is taking public comments during a “scoping” process for ideas on how these lands should be managed. The stakes are high. Read more here

GreenInfrastructure-icon April 7, 2015 Help identify projects to propose to the Governor to enhance the environmental infrastructure across the Adirondacks. We’re building an inventory of infrastructure projects that will protect the Park’s environment and add to the resiliency of Adirondack communities. Unprecedented levels of state funding loom on the horizon for green projects. Read more here

SLMP-Reform-Icon March 12, 2015 APA should fully research and analyze proposed revisions to the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls on the Adirondack Park Agency to fully research issues identified for possible revision in the State Land Master Plan and not to rely of politically driven mythologies and unproven anecdotes. Good data makes good policy. Read more here

Burn-Road-icon March 5, 2015 Watching Wilderness grow as the forest reclaims the Burn Road in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area. The business of taking back a road is slow work for the forest, but the last 15 years have seen the forest get a foothold. In the years ahead, the grassy meadows will give way, the gravel patches will be buried over, and a new forest will possess the land. Read more here

WinterScenes-Icon February 28, 2015 More beautiful winter scenes from Protect the Adirondacks. Throughout February 2015, the Adirondack Park has experienced deep snows and deep freezes that have made for beautiful winter scenes. From frozen streams to mountain vistas to deep forests to frozen krumholtz on mountain summits Adirondack beauty abounds. Check out some of the best. Read more here

SLMP-Reform-Icon February 24, 2015 Major changes afoot for management of the “forever wild” Forest Preserve. The process is starting for major policy changes for the management of the Forest Preserve in the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. Will new motorized uses be allowed? Will the Forest Preserve be managed for an economic return or to protect natural resources? Read more here

DefendingForestPreserve-icon February 15, 2015 PROTECT releases new criteria to evaluate proposed Article XIV Constitutional Amendments. PROTECT provides a new criteria to improve the evaluation and review of proposed Article XIV Constitutional Amendments. Four amendments have been passed since 2007 and more are in the works. Read more here

JUSTICE February 13, 2015 Court actions are a major part of American democracy and a tool PROTECT uses only as a last resort. PROTECT sets the record straight around our legal challenge to the APA’s approval of the 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort project, an action to setup a ruinous precedent and protect Adirondack forests. Read more here

Englebright February 5, 2015 Protect the Adirondacks cheers appointment of Steve Englebright as the new Chairman of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee. The reorganized New York State Assembly has named long-time environmental stalwart Steve Englebright from Long Island as its new leader of the Committee on Environmental Conservation. Read more here

RaquetteRiver-icon February 3, 2015 PROTECT cheers proposed increase in Environmental Protection Fund spending, but opposes use of climate change monies to fund the increase. PROTECT cheers the Governor’s proposed boost in environmental spending, but opposes robbing Peter to pay Paul by using climate change funding. Read more here

EssexCountySeal January 30, 2015 PROTECT calls on the Essex County Board of Supervisors to let freedom ring. PROTECT stands up to attempts by the Essex County Board of Supervisors to close us down and silence our advocacy for a wild Adirondack Park. It’s a strange thing indeed to see publicly elected officials jump on the bandwagon to take away our freedom of speech and try to abolish us. Read more here

WinterScenes-Icon January 30, 2015 See beautiful winter scenes from across the Adirondack Park. PROTECT publishes wild landscapes from a cold Adirondack winter. See many beautiful pictures of snowy deep forests, cold rivers, icy lakes, and many other scenes from throughout the frozen Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve. See more here

EssexCountySeal January 16, 2015 PROTECT responds to ill conceived resolution by Essex County Board of Supervisors in support of curbs on free speech and free expression. See our response to a resolution by the Essex County Board of Supervisors that called for curbs on the free speech and free expression of Protect the Adirondacks. Read more here

Woodworth-Lake-icon January 11, 2015 PROTECT and other groups oppose 1,100-acre subdivision around Woodworth Lake set for approval by the Adirondack Park Agency. A group letter was submitted to the APA opposed to the poorly designed subdivision across 1,100 acres of Resource Management lands in the southern Adirondacks. Read more here

FreeSpeech January 9, 2015 Denton Publications renounces its controversial editorial attacking Protect the Adirondacks. Protect the Adirondacks cheers the decision by Denton Publications to walk back its call for censorship and blacklisting of our environmental advocacy work. Denton’s position was widely criticized. Read more here

GSW-icon January 2, 2015 Thoughts and comments on the Great South Woods community development and Forest Preserve access planning project. PROTECT comments on the new Great South Woods planning project, which holds great promise and great pitfalls for the management and protection of the Forest Preserve. Read more here

FreeSpeech December 30, 2014 PROTECT rejects Denton Publications’ inflammatory efforts to censor and suppress our advocacy work to conserve the Adirondack Park. Off the wall and inflammatory editorial in local newspaper calls for PROTECT to be silenced and abolished. Rest assured — we’re not going anywhere. See PROTECT’s rebuttal and comments from many who have risen to our defense. Read more here

Stop-AIS-icon December 17, 2014 New York publishes draft Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan. New York needs to build a comprehensive statewide boat inspection and decontamination network to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species and focus on prevention and interdiction. This is critical for the Adirondack Park, which has many lakes and ponds still uninfected with invasive species. Read more here

RaquetteRiver-icon December 17, 2014 Public Comments needed on the Draft 2014 Open Space Conservation Plan. A public hearing is now open on the draft plan that guides land protection throughout the Adirondack Park and across New York and sets environmental policy for open space protection. Public comments are needed by December 17, 2014. Submit your letter today. Read more here

SLMP-Reform-Icon December 2, 2014 APA holds public hearing on revision of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. Public comments are needed by December 5, 2014 on proposals by the Adirondack Park Agency regarding possible revisions to the State Land Master Plan, which guides management of the public “forever wild” Forest Preserve. Read more here

December 1, 2014 Public comments needed to support historic draft EPA climate change rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until December 2, 2014 on the first nationwide climate change pollution reduction program. PROTECT encourages everyone who cares about the Adirondacks to comment. Read more here

Woodworth-Lake-icon November 24, 2014 Woodworth Lake subdivision fragments Adirondack forests and backcountry. New backcountry sprawl subdivision project in the southern Adirondacks is poised for approval by the APA. This project fails to employ protective Conservation Subdivision Design techniques and marks a step backwards in land use planning. Read more here

NY-Times-Easy-Living-Report-300x202 November 22, 2014 New report finds urban preference for college educated young people for places to live. The City Observatory think tank finds strong urban preference for locations to live among college educated 24-35 year olds. Report is consistent with national demographic trends for rural America and can help inform Adirondack Park leaders. Read more here

LongPondCE-icon October 29, 2014 PROTECT defends public recreational rights in the 18,950-acre Long Pond Conservation Easement tract. PROTECT urges the Cuomo Administration and Department of Environmental Conservation to uphold public recreational rights in the Long Pond Conservation Easement tract. Read more here

JUSTICE October 23, 2014 PROTECT-Sierra Club submit motion for leave to appeal to New York’s highest court to challenge APA’s approval of 6,000-acre development. A motion for leave to appeal was made to the Court of Appeals seeking permission to challenge the July Appellate Division, Third Department decision to uphold APA approvals for the largest subdivision in APA history. Read more here

Cougars-4 October 16, 2014 The Wildlife Conservation Society publishes survey of public attitudes towards cougars in the Adirondack Park. Excellent new report looks at the attitudes of Adirondack Park residents and non-residents about cougars establishing a viable population in the Park. Cougars are expanding its ranges in the U.S. Read more here

BullyPulpit-icon October 15, 2014 Questions and answers about climate change for the three candidates for the 21st Congressional District, which includes the Adirondack Park. See a questionnaire about climate change to all three candidates vying for a seat in Congress to represent the Adirondack Park and North Country. Read more here

SLMP-Reform-Icon October 10, 2014 PROTECT applauds the Adirondack Park Agency for committing to an open and transparent process for State Land Master Plan Reform. The APA announced that it will manage a public hearing process this fall on SLMP reform that will be out in the open and not behind closed doors. PROTECT encourages all to get involved. Read more here

BearCreekRoad-icon September 25, 2014 DEC is building a highway through the Forest Preserve with a questionable major reconstruction of the Bear Creek Road in the Black River Wild Forest. PROTECT raises questions about tree cutting, road widening, and road reconstruction in the western Adirondacks. Actions appear to widely violate Forest Preserve protections. Read more here

ChubbPondLean-to-icon September 25, 2014 A Forest Preserve lean-to on Chub Pond in the Black River Wild Forest Area has been extensively modified and turned into a private camp. A field visit to the Black River Wild Forest found a lean-to unlike any other, equipped with bunk beds, a gas stove, a lawn mower, laminated shelves, and stockpiles of private supplies. Read more here

PeopleClimateChangeMarch-iconSeptember 22, 2014 Over 400,000 march in the People’s Climate March demanding bold action on climate change. The world’s biggest climate change action demonstration went off without a hitch yesterday in New York City. PROTECT was there and gives a shout out to the tremendous work of all organizers. Another 2,600 events happened around the world! Read more here

ACRSchematicSeptember 18, 2014 PROTECT-Sierra Club plan to make motion for leave for appeal to NYS Court of Appeals in lawsuit challenging APA approval of Adirondack Club & Resort project. After denial by the Appellate Division, PROTECT and the Sierra Club plan to submit a new motion for leave to appeal to the state’s highest court. Read more here

Clearcut-iconSeptember 15, 2014 Major New Forest clearcuts between Long Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. A series of new clearcuts were made this summer north of NYS Route 30 between Long Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. Many industry and state leaders are seeking to expand clearcutting in the Adirondacks. Read more here

GullLake-iconSeptember 10, 2014 Updated: Gull Lake Trail in the Black River Wild Forest is rutted and ruined by illegal and legal ATV use. The damage to the natural resources is extensive along the Gull Lake Trail from the pounding of ATVs. PROTECT documents the problem as state agencies responsible for Forest Preserve protection ignore the damage. Read more here

ChubbPondTrail-iconSeptember 8, 2014 Updated: Chub Pond Trail in the Black River Wild Forest is hammered by illegal and legal ATV use. The damage to the natural resources is extensive along the Chub Pond Trail from the pounding of ATVs. PROTECT documents the problem as state agencies responsible for Forest Preserve protection ignore the damage. Read more here

ClimateMarchSeptember 4, 2014 Come One, Come All: People’s Climate March is Sunday September 21st in New York City. PROTECT supports the People’s Climate March. Get out your walking shoes and make the trek to New York City for what will be the largest environmental march in history. This is a great way to make a statement about the urgency of action on climate change. Read more here

Stop-AIS-iconSeptember 2, 2014 PROTECT cheers Governor Cuomo’s Signing of Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Bill. New law signed today by Governor Andrew Cuomo is a major step in the control of aquatic invasive species (AIS). This law bans the transport of AIS at all boat launches in New York and marks a new focus on prevention and interdiction. Read more here

WestRiverRoad-iconSeptember 1, 2014 West River Road in the Silver Lake Wilderness remains open while state agencies are 3 years overdue in making a decision on closing the road. Eight years ago, state agencies planned for the closure of a road within the Silver Lake Wilderness after studies and consultation to be completed within five years. A decision to close this road is long overdue. Read more here

Stop-AIS-iconAugust 27, 2014 Governor Cuomo should sign into law legislation to ban the transport of harmful aquatic invasive species across New York. Legislation has been sent to Governor Cuomo to ban transport of aquatic invasive species. PROTECT championed this legislation and urges the Governor to sign it into law. Read more here

CranePondRoad-iconAugust 25, 2014 Though court cases and state agencies called for the Crane Pond Road to be closed it remains open and is today is a poorly managed mess. A recent visit to the controversial Crane Pond Road in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area found this road in disrepair, a public safety hazard, and to provide little public information. Read more here

WestStonyCreek-iconAugust 22, 2014 Field notes on the proposed West Stony Creek Wilderness Area. Work has begun on the re-route of the new Northville Placid Trail through a part of the Forest Preserve that PROTECT is advocating for reclassification as part of the new West Stony Creek Wilderness area. The forest grows more beautiful the further one hikes in. Read more here

Scenic-iconAugust 21, 2014 The Adirondack Park Agency should manage reform of the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls upon the APA to manage a methodical, open and transparent process to reform the State Land Master Plan, which is the management policy document for the forever wild Forest Preserve. Others efforts seek a closed process. Read more here

RaquetteRiver-iconAugust 15, 2014 Pictures along 5 miles of the Raquette River from Axton Landing to Raquette Falls portray a magnificent river. The Raquette River is one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the Adirondack Park, a landscape with hundreds of miles of beautiful rivers. A dozen pictures let you sit back and watch the river flow. Read more here

CougarWatch-IconAugust 14, 2014 Cougar Watch Update: 19 reports from the past 18 months. From April 2013 thru August 2014, 19 reports were made to the Cougar Watch project that were credible, involving 17 sightings and two sets of tracks. Reports were from in and around the Adirondack Park. Read more here

Gray-Wolf-Icon August 12, 2014 Carnivores for Health. In a new Mountain Mix post John Davis makes the case to bring back big carnivores to the Adirondack Park. He argues that for the Adirondack Park to be indisputably the wildest, healthiest landscape in the East, we need to welcome home cougars and wolves to restore our ecological health. Read more here

August 8, 2014 PROTECT cheers DEC decision to withdraw flawed draft Essex Chain Lakes UMP. PROTECT applauds the decision by the Department of Environmental Conservation to withdraw its deeply flawed draft Unit Management Plan for the Essex Chain Lakes area. PROTECT catalogued widespread weaknesses with the draft plan. Read more here

ACRSchematic August 4, 2014