Recent Updates

Take Action Now: Public comments needed to support historic draft EPA climate change rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until October 16, 2014 on the first nationwide climate change pollution reduction program. PROTECT encourages everyone who cares about the Adirondacks to comment. Take Action Now

Stop-AIS-iconAugust 27, 2014 Governor Cuomo should sign into law legislation to ban the transport of harmful aquatic invasive species across New York. Legislation has been sent to Governor Cuomo to ban transport of aquatic invasive species. PROTECT championed this legislation and urges the Governor to sign it into law. Read more here

CranePondRoad-iconAugust 25, 2014 Though court cases and state agencies called for the Crane Pond Road to be closed it remains open and is today is a poorly managed mess. A recent visit to the controversial Crane Pond Road in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area found this road in disrepair, a public safety hazard, and to provide little public information. Read more here

WestStonyCreek-iconAugust 22, 2014 Field notes on the proposed West Stony Creek Wilderness Area. Work has begun on the re-route of the new Northville Placid Trail through a part of the Forest Preserve that PROTECT is advocating for reclassification as part of the new West Stony Creek Wilderness area. The forest grows more beautiful the further one hikes in. Read more here

Scenic-iconAugust 21, 2014 The Adirondack Park Agency should manage reform of the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls upon the APA to manage a methodical, open and transparent process to reform the State Land Master Plan, which is the management policy document for the forever wild Forest Preserve. Others efforts seek a closed process. Read more here

RaquetteRiver-iconAugust 15, 2014 Pictures along 5 miles of the Raquette River from Axton Landing to Raquette Falls portray a magnificent river. The Raquette River is one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the Adirondack Park, a landscape with hundreds of miles of beautiful rivers. A dozen pictures let you sit back and watch the river flow. Read more here

CougarWatch-IconAugust 14, 2014 Cougar Watch Update: 19 reports from the past 18 months. From April 2013 thru August 2014, 19 reports were made to the Cougar Watch project that were credible, involving 17 sightings and two sets of tracks. Reports were from in and around the Adirondack Park. Read more here

Gray-Wolf-Icon August 12, 2014 Carnivores for Health. In a new Mountain Mix post John Davis makes the case to bring back big carnivores to the Adirondack Park. He argues that for the Adirondack Park to be indisputably the wildest, healthiest landscape in the East, we need to welcome home cougars and wolves to restore our ecological health. Read more here

August 8, 2014 PROTECT cheers DEC decision to withdraw flawed draft Essex Chain Lakes UMP. PROTECT applauds the decision by the Department of Environmental Conservation to withdraw its deeply flawed draft Unit Management Plan for the Essex Chain Lakes area. PROTECT catalogued widespread weaknesses with the draft plan. Read more here

ACRSchematic August 4, 2014 Appeal filed against Appellate Court decision on lawsuit challenging the APA’s approval of the Adirondack Club & Resort project. PROTECT has submitted a motion seeking leave for appeal to challenge last month’s Appellate Court decision. PROTECT and other litigants strongly disagree with the court decision. An appeal process will likely be concluded within six months. Read more here

July 22, 2014 Public comments needed by July 25th on draft UMP amendments to Forest Preserve areas in the central Adirondacks. Go online and complete a letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation about proposed snowmobile trails through the heart of the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest area and other locations. Read more here

July 22, 2014 Legal papers posted for legal challenge to state’s plan to implement the NYCO Constitutional Amendment. Legal papers have been posted that support the lawsuit against plans by the Adirondack Park Agency and Department of Environmental Conservation to implement the NYCO Constitutional Amendment to mine 200 acres of the Jay Mountain Wilderness area. Read more here

WaterLilly-iconJuly 20, 2014  South Inlet on Raquette Lake is an easy and beautiful paddle. Raquette Lake’s South Inlet is one of many stunningly beautiful and easily accessible areas for a flat water paddle in the central Adirondack Park. It’s rich in scenic beauty and natural wonders and shows the promise of the forever wild Forest Preserve. Read more here

July 11, 2014 PROTECT and other groups start legal action to stop exploratory mining in the Jay Mountain Wilderness. PROTECT and other groups have teamed up with Earthjustice to challenge the decision by the state to exempt or suspend other state environmental laws during the mineral exploration phase of the NYCO Amendment. Read more here

July 9, 2014 Public comments needed now on draft Essex Chain Complex UMP. Protect the Forest Preserve and send in a public comment on the draft plan that will determine natural resource protection and public recreational management for the Essex Chain Lakes and Pine Lake Primitive areas and bordering Wild Forest and Wilderness areas. Read more here

NY-Times-Easy-Living-Report-300x202 July 8, 2014 New dataset for various quality of life measures places the Adirondack Park in a national context. A national ranking for counties by rates for unemployment, disability, obesity, life expectancy, college education and median family income sees many Adirondack counties better off than most other rural areas in the U.S. Appalachia and the Deep South stand out for low rankings. Read more here

ACRSchematic July 3, 2014 Protect the Adirondacks is disappointed by decision in its legal challenge to APA’s approval of ACR project. The Appellate Division, Third Department ruled against PROTECT’s legal challenge to the APA’s approval of the 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort project in Tupper Lake. This is a major setback for the Adirondack Park. Read more here

APRAP-Icon June 24, 2014 APRAP Update misdiagnoses population demographic issues in Adirondack Park. PROTECT details the many ways that the new Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project gets it wrong. The new APRAP Update misdiagnoses critical population demographic data, which undermines planning to strengthen Park communities. Read more here

judith-enck-icon June 23, 2014 Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 Administrator, to speak about climate change at annual meeting of Protect the Adirondacks on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Judith Enck will talk about the EPA’s new historic greenhouse gas and C02 emission reductions draft regulations for coal-fired power plants at PROTECT’s annual meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Read more here

June 20, 2014 The 2014 NYS Legislative Session passed historic aquatic invasive species control legislation and blocked damaging ATV legislation. PROTECT helped to pass historic aquatic invasive species prevention and control legislation, which will help make New York pro-active and focus on prevention of new infestations. We also helped block a bad ATV bill. Read more here

Main Lodge, Great Camp Sagamore June 18, 2014 Information for PROTECT Annual Members Meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Information for members about the 2014 annual members meeting, 2014 Board of Directors election, and revision of our bylaws. Read Board bios, review the agenda, and get information on the day’s activities. Get information here

ATV-Riders June 10, 2014 PROTECT opposes legislation to expand the size and weight of ATVs on trails and natural areas. PROTECT and many others oppose actions by the State Legislature to change the law to allow heavier and much bigger Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) to use municipal roads and off-road areas. Bigger machines will cause greater environmental damage. Read more here

WestStonyCreekWildernessArea-Icon June 6, 2014 Sign online petition to show support for new West Stony Creek Wilderness Area. PROTECT encourages all supporters of a new 12,850-acre West Stony Creek Wilderness Area in southern Adirondack Park to sign an online petition and show support for Wilderness. We need people from far and wide to take a stand for roadless and motorless Wilderness areas. Read more here

Smokestack June 2, 2014 PROTECT cheers historic EPA C02 emission reduction regulations, which marks the first major climate change program for the U.S. PROTECT applauds bold new action for the first U.S. national program to curb greenhouse gas emissions. This marks the beginning of serious actions to meet the threats from global climate change. Read more here

WestStonyCreekWildernessArea-Icon May 27, 2014 PROTECT proposes new 12,850-acre West Stony Creek Wilderness Area. PROTECT calls for a new 12,850 acres West Stony Creek Wilderness Area in the southern Adirondack Park. This new Wilderness Area involves lands nely purchased from The Nature Conservancy and existing Forest Preserve lands. Read more here

Canopy-Icon May 23, 2014 Register now for the PROTECT 2014 Annual Meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake. Register today for PROTECT’s annual meeting. This day includes reports on PROTECT’s conservation and advocacy programs, canoeing, tours of the Great Camp and a presentation by Judith Enck about Federal air pollution and climate change actions. Register Now

May 22, 2014 APA-DEC “showcase” snowmobile trail through Moose River Plains remains a mess with widespread violations of state law and policy. A field visit to the controversial road-like Seventh Lake Mountain Snowmobile Trail in Raquette Lake finds a “trail” that violates state laws and policies. Read more here

May 19, 2014 PROTECT supports new aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention and interdiction legislation. PROTECT and many other groups and lake associations across New York are backing a new law that prohibits launching a boat into any state waters at a public or private boat launch that has any plant or animal material on it or standing water. Boats muct be clean, drained and dry. Read more here

May 16, 2014 The APA is taking public comments on an amendment to the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area UMP to allow mining under the November 2013 Constitutional Amendment. Public comments are needed on this troubling amendment that openly violates a series of state laws. Submit a public comment by June 2nd. Read more here

May 15, 2014 DEC is taking public comments on a proposed Temporary Revocable Permit and Work Plan for mineral exploration in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area. The DEC is taking public comments on a TRP and work plan to allow mining on the Forest Preserve under the November 2013 Constitutional Amendment. Submit a public comment by May 30th. Read more here

May 6, 2014 New report shows escalating impacts of climate change. A comprehensive report from the National Climate Assessment lays out the major environmental changes currently taking place from climate change. Across the Adirondacks and northeast U.S. changes include warmer temperatures, more frost free days, less snowfall, more rain and more intensive rain storms. Read more here

Smokestack April 29, 2014 PROTECT cheers U.S. Supreme Court major environmental decision to empower EPA to regulate interstate air pollution. The U.S. Supreme Court voted to uphold EPA authority to regulate air pollution between states. For years the Adirondack Park has suffered from air pollution from the midwest. Read more here

WhitePines-icon April 22, 2014 White Pine Growth and Carbon Sequestration. The prevailing wisdom is that young forests sequester carbon at the highest rates, yet studies show that mature forests, entirely managed by nature, are extremely important and continue high rates of CO2 absorption. Dynamic older forests are vital for managing carbon levels. Read more here

April 10, 2014 Appellate Court sets date for Oral Arguments for lawsuit challenging the APA’s approval of 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort project. Oral arguments are set for late April by the Appellate Court on PROTECT’s challenge of the APA’s approval of the 6,000-acre, 700-lot Adirondack Club & Resort project. A decision is expected within 2-4 months thereafter. Read more here

April 4, 2014 State agencies lay out plan to implement the NYCO Constitutional Amendment to mine the Forest Preserve. The DEC and APA lay out plans for how the NYCO Constitutional Amendment will be implemented to sell and mine the Forest Preserve. Emboldened, NYCO Minerals seeks massive expansion at both its mines in Lewis. Read more here

March 30, 2014 Proposed 90-room, 300-foot-long Lake Flower Inn raises questions about environmental and community character impacts. The proposed Lake Flower Inn and convention center is one of three major hotel projects underway or under review in the Adirondacks. Questions surround this major project. Read more here

March 26, 2014 Questions surround proposed Lake George Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, the tallest building in Lake George history. A 6-story, 120-room Lake George Marriott is proposed on Canada Street in the Village of Lake George. This will mark a major change to the Village and raises many questions. Read more here

March 24, 2014 PROTECT cheers top-to-bottom restoration of landmark Hotel Saranac. PROTECT cheers the major renovation and restoration underway of the Hotel Saranac. The Hotel Saranac has long dominated the Village of Saranac Lake skyline and anchored the business district. The project has been awarded $5 million in state grants. Read more here

March 21, 2014 Adirondack Park population trends track closely to trends across rural America. National population trends for rural areas show stagnation and decline. These are long-term trends since the 1950s. Adirondack counties have largely bucked population loss trends, but follow national rural trends in other ways. Read more here

March 15, 2014 PROTECT honors the life and achievements of David Sive, long-time advocate and pioneering environmental attorney. David Sive died at age 91. He helped establish a number of critical environmental law decisions and precedents. In the Adirondacks, he represented local residents who resisted the Horizon and Ton-Da-Lay mega-resorts in the late 1960s. Read more here

March 12, 2014 PROTECT cheers the state’s purchase of 8,451 acres for the Forest Preserve. The state has finalized the purchase of 8,451 acres of new “forever wild” Forest Preserve lands in the central and southern Adirondacks. This marks the completion of Phase 2 of the state’s purchase of 69,000 acres of former Finch Paper lands from The Nature Conservancy. Read more here

February 25, 2014 PROTECT calls upon Governor Cuomo and the NYS DEC to adopt a 5 Point Plan for Aquatic Invasive Species Control. PROTECT calls for a New York invasive species transport law and new programs for boat inspections and decontamination. Such measures are in effect in many other states to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. Read more here

February 21, 2014 The Molpus Woodlands Group of Alabama makes a major purchase of conservation easement lands. Over 130,000 acres of forest management rights on conservation easement lands were purchased for over $57 million. These forestlands are spread across the northern Adirondacks and include the headwaters of some of the Park’s most beautiful rivers. Read more here

February 19, 2014 PROTECT comments on draft 18,000-acre Kushaqua Conservation Easement Recreational Management Plan. PROTECT finds that the new Recreational Management Plan drafted by the DEC for the Kushaqua Conservation Easement lands seeks to create a new motorsports park where the dominant public recreational activity will be ATV riding. Read more here

February 10, 2014 PROTECT cheers decision by Fish and Wildlife Service to extend public comment period on proposed Gray Wolf delisting from the Endangered Species Act. PROTECT applauds action by the Fish and Wildlife Service to put the brakes on a proposed decision to delist the gray wolf from Endangered Species Act protection after scientific panel finding rationale weak. Read more here

February 7, 2014 Governor Cuomo Approves new 23,500-acre Hudson Gorge Wilderness Area and 9,940-Acre motorless Primitive Area for Essex Chain Lakes. PROTECT cheers the creation of a new Wilderness area in the central Adirondacks and a motorless designation for the Essex Chain Lakes. PROTECT will try to improve other aspects of this classification package. Read more here

January 31, 2014 DEC draft regulations for boat launches and fishing access sites are a weak response to New York’s aquatic invasive species scourge. The proposed regulations by the NYSDEC to control aquatic invasive species at state boat launches and fishing access sites is a tiny step forward. PROTECT recommends bolder, comprehensive management actions. Read more here

January 30, 2014 Protect the Adirondacks applauds new boat control program on Lake George to prevent new invasive species outbreaks. PROTECT sees the new Lake George boat control law as a viable model to be used across New York for stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species that have overrun state waters. Read more here

January 26, 2014 White-Nose Syndrome has devastated bats in the Adirondack Park. White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) has devastated bat populations in the Adirondacks and beyond. As WNS spreads west, and decimates bat populations in its wake, state and federal wildlife agencies have worked to develop a coordinated response plan. Read more here

January 21, 2014 PROTECT and other groups submit letter to state about implementation of NYCO Constitutional Amendment. PROTECT and other groups put state leaders on notice that current laws must be obeyed during the implementation of the Constitutional Amendment to allow mining on 200 acres of “forever wild” Forest Preserve lands. Read more here

January 19, 2014 Five charts show long-term climate change trends. Leading research institutions from the U.S. and around the world chart data and show trends for long-term warming of air and ocean temperature, loss of sea and land ice cover, and a steady increase in carbon concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere. Read more here

January 15, 2014 PROTECT launches a new Cougar Watch project to collect public reports of cougar sightings. New project will collect and organize public sightings of cougars in and around the Adirondack Park. Reports can be filed on PROTECT’s website. PROTECT will compile and provide updates on these reports on a regular basis. Read more here

January 4, 2014 Small chunks of frazil ice make massive ice sheets that cover the ice meadows on the Hudson River. Bitter temperatures in the first few days of 2014 have been a boon to the formation of frazil ice on the Hudson River. Small chunks of frazil ice by the millions build the ice sheets over the ice meadows in Thurman. Read more here

January 2, 2014 PROTECT and other groups question parts of the APA’s classification decision for Finch lands. PROTECT and other groups submit public comments detailing concerns over APA’s Finch lands classification that require changes to state laws, regulations and policies. Many troubling precedents will be set. Read more here

January 1, 2014 2013 was a big year for climate change news. From passing the 400 ppm mark for carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere to setting new records for high temperatures around the world from Australia to South Africa to Japan to Sak City, Iowa, 2013 was a watershed year for climate change news. Here’s a recap of some of the highlights on the climate change front. Read more here

December 13, 2013 APA approved a new 23,000-acre Hudson Gorge Wilderness area and 9,940-acre motorless Primitive Area for Essex Chain Lakes. PROTECT cheers the creation of a major new Wilderness area for the Hudson River and a new motorless Primitive area for the Essex Chain Lakes. PROTECT will monitor and intervene in future decisions about rule and law revisions. Read more here

December 11, 2013 PROTECT submits comments on Proposed APA Finch Lands Classification. PROTECT applauds parts of the APA staff recommendations that will advance environmental protections for the Forest Preserve, while enumerating many areas of concerns over proposals that weaken or set bad precedent for Forest Preserve management. Read more here

December 10, 2013 Activists use the courts to stop ATV abuses. PROTECT salutes the work of activists in Lewis and St. Lawrence counties who have repeatedly and successfully used the courts to overturn local and county ATV laws. These activists have transformed into citizen litigants to represent themselves as ATV laws to challenge keep coming. Read more here

December 7, 2013 PROTECT opposes U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service effort to delist the gray wolf from Endangered Species Act protections. PROTECT opposes new rule by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to delist the gray wolf from Endangered Species Act protections because it thwarts a potential re-colonization of the Adirondacks by gray wolves in the future. Read more here

December 6, 2013 APA classification proposal for Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River brings good and bad news for the Forest Preserve. PROTECT salutes the creation of a new 23,572-acre Wilderness area for the Hudson River. Other aspects of the APA’s classification proposals are troubling and establish bad precedents for the future. Read more here

November 19, 2013 PROTECT calls upon APA to release legal and policy document about Forest Preserve classification for the Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River tracts. APA limits the free flow of information around one of its biggest decisions in a decade. The APA denies public access to policy documents that analyze legal and policy issues around classification options. Read more here

November 6, 2013 Over 1 million New Yorkers made a stand for “Forever Wild” and voted no on Proposition 5. Protect the Adirondacks salutes the more than 1 million New Yorkers who made a bold stand to protect the “forever wild” clause of the State Constitution. This was a close and heavily contested vote. PROTECT also cheers the passage of Proposition 4. Read more here

November 5, 2013 Today is Election Day. Vote No on Proposition 5. Tuesday November 5th is Election Day. Six ballot questions on proposed Constitutional Amendments dominate the ballot across New York, including two questions about the Forest Preserve. PROTECT has worked to get the word out for why Proposition 5 is a bad idea. Today we vote. Read more here

October 23, 2013 PROTECT files major submissions in lawsuit challenging APA-DEC snowmobile trail construction and management. PROTECT has made a major submission of new materials to the court in its challenge to the state’s current snowmobile trail construction and management program. Read more here

October 21, 2013 No permits have been issued by any state agencies for the Adirondack Club & Resort project in Tupper Lake; only an APA Order of Approval. Despite recent media reports that talked about issued and existing “permits” for the Adirondack Club & Resort project, none have yet been issued. Read more here

October 4, 2013 Vote No on Proposition 5 on November 5, 2013. Protect the Adirondacks opposes Proposition 5 to sell 200 acres of old growth “forever wild” Forest Preserve lands in the Jay Mountain Wilderness to a mining company. This proposal sets a terrible precedent and threatens the future of “forever wild.” Vote No on November 5th. Read more here

October 4, 2013 Vote Yes on Proposition 4 on November 5, 2013. Protect the Adirondacks supports passage of Proposition 4 to resolve the century old dispute of land claims around Raquette Lake. This amendment will help to provide clear title to hundreds of disputed properties and resolve a longstanding problem for the Forest Preserve. Read more here

September 23, 2013 Homage to the 1924 Sign Law, which banned billboards throughout most of the Adirondack Park. Tribute is paid to the brave actions 89 years ago to ban billboards from the roadsides and highways of the Adirondack Park. A great idea then and a great blessing today. Read more here

September 19, 2013 PROTECT files legal motion to try and save part of the Forest Preserve from new damage. PROTECT seeks to stop more tree cutting on new class II community connector snowmobile trail in the Forest Preserve while legality of this management is being challenged. DEC set to take down another 133 trees. Read more here

September 18, 2013 Update on lawsuit challenging APA approval of Adirondack Club & Resort project. PROTECT filed its appellate Brief and now awaits the state’s and ACR’s Answering Briefs. PROTECT will then file a final Reply Brief. The ACR team also submitted a weak amphibian study as part of its long delayed partial wildlife impact study. Read more here

September 7, 2013 APA puts off a final decision on the former Finch Paper lands until the fall. The APA announced that it will not make a final decision on the Forest Preserve classification of the former Finch Paper lands around the Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River Gorge until October or November. A wise choice. Read more here

September 5, 2013 PROTECT’s lawsuit challenging state management of snowmobile trails on the Forest Preserve moves ahead. Court approves advancing PROTECT’s lawsuit that challenges the use of multi-ton groomers on designated snowmobile “trails” and the constitutionality of massive alterations to the wild forest character of the Forest Preserve. Read more here

August 30, 2013 PROTECT and other groups urge APA to be deliberative and methodical in classification of Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River Forest Preserve areas. PROTECT and other Adirondack groups call upon the APA to complete all necessary analysis and reviews before it makes a recommendation on the classification of the former Finch Paper lands. Read more here

August 24, 2013 Beach Road porous pavement project in Lake George is an excellent model for major stormwater pollution control. The recently completed porous pavement project on Beach Road in Lake George marks a new level of investment and action for tackling stormwater pollution and trying to protect water quality in the Adirondack Park. Read more here

August 22, 2013 Conference set for “Strengthening the Adirondack Park Agency.” The Adirondack Explorer is hosting a conference on the need to strengthen the APA Act on September 26, 2013 at the Paul Smith’s Visitors Interpretive Center. This is a substance-filled agenda designed to take a hard look at the major issues facing the APA. Read more here

August 20, 2013 PROTECT and eight other groups call for Wilderness classification for former Finch lands. A large coalition of Adirondack, state, and national organizations highlight strong public support for Wilderness classification for Essex Chain Lake and Hudson River. Public comments in recent APA public hearing ran 4-1 in support of a new Wilderness area. Read more here

August 18, 2013 Clean Water Benefit canoe trip on the lower Hudson River makes a splash. The 2013 Clean Water Benefit took to the lower Hudson River for a day of great paddling, spectacular scenes through central Warren County, bald eagles, and good cheer. There are not many things better in life than a lovely Adirondack River on a lovely August day. Read more here

August 3, 2013 Public comments are overwhelmingly pro-Wilderness in APA land classification hearings. Analysis of the public comments submitted to the APA during the recent pubic hearing found comments overwhelmingly supported a Wilderness classification. All sides will continue advocacy. Read more here

August 1, 2013 You can still sign online petition to show your support for the new Hudson Headwaters Wilderness Area. Sign up and take a stand for wilderness. PROTECT has teamed up with other groups to support a Wilderness option that is the basis for Alternative 1A in the APA’s current Forest Preserve classification public hearings. Read more here

July 26, 2013 Join Canoe Trip on Hudson River from Thurman Bridge to the 1000 Acre Ranch on August 17th. The 2013 Clean Water Benefit for Protect the Adirondacks will feature a canoe trip on 5 miles of the mild waters and beautiful scenes of the Hudson River. A reception will follow. Click here for registration and more information

July 17, 2013 PROTECT responds to state motion in snowmobile trail construction and management lawsuit. This week PROTECT filed papers in response to the state’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit challenging construction and grooming of new road-like snowmobile trails in the Forest Preserve. Read more here

July 14, 2013 Myths & Reality 3: The state does not pay taxes on state lands and easements in the Adirondack Park. PROTECT busts this myth. Complaints are still made that the state does not pay taxes on Forest Preserve lands that it owns. In 2011, it is estimated the state paid over $75 million to Adirondack communities for state holdings. Read more here

July 2, 2013 Controversial new snowmobile trail still a mess long after the snow has melted. Controversial new Seventh Lake Mountain Class II Community Connector snowmobile trail continues to be worked on by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Recent field work shows this trail to continue to be a mess. Read more here

July 1, 2013 New data shines light on the Adirondack Park population debate. New data from the US Census and NYS Department of Education shows how the impact of national demographic trends in rural America are shaping population trends in the Adirondack Park. In many ways, the Adirondack Park communities fair much better than other rural areas. Read more here.

June 15, 2013 PROTECT opposes APA’s proposed Transferrable Development Rights program legislation. PROTECT opposes program legislation by the APA to create a new transferrable development rights program for the Adirondacks. This idea may be useful, but the APA provides zero data on this issue and this legislation is deeply flawed. Read more here

June 4, 2013 PROTECT published a new report The Myth of Quiet, Motor-free Waters in the Adirondack Park. PROTECT’s new report details the relative scarcity of motor-free opportunities on the 200 largest lakes and ponds in the Adirondack Park. Current Forest Preserve classification hearings could create new motor-free waters. Read more here

May 30, 2013 Read new PROTECT 2011-12 Annual Report. Read highlights of a successful year of advocacy working on bobcat protection, water quality monitoring, sustainable forestry, litigation update, open space protection, biographies of the Board of Directors, new partnership with Union College, and much more. Read the new annual report here

May 29, 2013 Attend PROTECT’s annual meeting on Saturday June 29th at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. Come learn about the full range of activities underway at the annual meeting. Refreshments and lunch will be served, followed by a hike or canoe paddle and an end-of-day reception at Hornbeck Boats. Read more here

May 20, 2013 PROTECT & Sierra Club win two motions in lawsuit challenging Adirondack Park Agency’s approval of 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort development. PROTECT and the Sierra Club win two motions in lawsuit pertaining to its appeal of a motion for discovery of ex parte communications and filing of final papers. Read more here

May 11, 2013 Why the proposed Forest Preserve Constitutional Amendment with a mining company is a bad idea. Read why this proposed Constitutional Amendment should not get “second passage” in the State Legislature this year. This bill is riddled with distortions and deliberate misrepresentations. The Forest Preserve deserves better. Read more here

May 6, 2013 PROTECT opposes swapping Forest Preserve lands with a mining company; sees ruinous precedent in first Constitutional Amendment for private commercial gain. PROTECT opposes undertaking a Constitutional Amendment to swap Wilderness Forest Preserve lands with a mining company. Read more here

May 2, 2013 Shoreline regulations are critical for protecting water quality. Shoreline protection is all about protecting a lake’s water quality. Maintaining high water quality is important for the environmental and economic health of Adirondack communities. Uninformed commentators who mock shoreline protections shortchange communities. Read more here

April 26, 2013 It’s time for APA Commissioners to conduct public field visits to clearcut forestlands to evaluate forest regeneration. PROTECT calls upon the APA Board of Commissioners to visit heavily cut forestlands as part of its decision on controversial clearcutting General Permit. PROTECT recommends five hammered landscapes to visit. Read more here

April 25, 2013 PROTECT calls on the APA to include new Hudson Headwaters Wilderness Area as an official alternative during Forest Preserve classification public hearings. APA public hearings on new Forest Preserve lands classification for Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River must review the popular Wilderness option. Read more here

April 23, 2013 Governor Cuomo finalizes state purchase of OK Slips Falls, Blue Ledges and Hudson River Gorge for the Forest Preserve. PROTECT says hats off to Governor Cuomo on this Earth Day as he announces completion of OK Slips Falls tract in the Hudson Gorge. PROTECT sees this tract as part of a new Hudson Headwaters Wilderness Area. Read more here

April 22, 2013 PROTECT files formal papers in lawsuit challenging APA and DEC management of road-like snowmobile trails in the Forest Preserve. PROTECT has filed legal papers to formally begin its lawsuit against the state challenging snowmobile management on a specific class of trails in the Forest Preserve. Read more here

April 6, 2013 Myths & Reality 2: Land use regulations and public lands are driving people from the Adirondack Park. PROTECT busts this myth. A wide variety of factors shape changes in the rural populations of the U.S. and the Adirondack Park that opponents of environmental protection refuse to investigate. A better understanding of these pressures will help policymakers move forward. Read more here

April 1, 2013 A conversation about the Bicknell’s thrush and the Endangered Species Act. The Center for Biological Diversity has notified the federal Fish & Wildlife Service of its intent to sue for protection of the Bicknell’s thrush in the northeast, including the Adirondack Park, under the Endangered Species Act. Read a Q & A with Mollie Matteson, the Center’s lead staffer on this issue. Read more here

March 28, 2013 Sometimes we all need a laugh: The April 1st Chronicle writes about PROTECT using drones in the skies over the Adirondack Park. The April Fools edition of The Chronicle in Glens Falls features a joke story about PROTECT flying unmanned drones over the Adirondacks. We tip our hats to The Chronicle writers. Read more here

March 22, 2013 New York State wraps up a new state budget with an increase in environmental spending. The State of New York completed its 2013-14 state budget and provided an increase in state environmental spending with a boost to the Environmental Protection Fund. Land acquisition and state lands stewardship were increased. Read more here

March 20, 2013 Center for Biological Diversity challenges the US Fish & Wildlife Service over its failure to protect the Bicknell’s thrush in the northeast. The Center plans to sue the US Fish & Wildlife Service for its failure to act on a petition to list the Bicknell’s thrush as an endangered species. Bicknell’s thrush is an important bird in the Adirondacks. Read more here

March 19, 2013 An update on climate change: warmer temperatures and more severe weather predicted. Lots of predictions, new scientific research, and news on the climate change front. For the Adirondacks look for more more severe rain storms as warming temperatures change the region’s water cycles. Read more here

March 18, 2013 What the 2012 US Census Estimates tell us about the Adirondack Park’s population and the state of rural America. The US Census released its 2012 estimates, which show continued growth in larger metro areas and continued stagnation or population loss across rural America. The Adirondack Park tracks with this national trend. Read more here

March 5, 2013 PROTECT urges Governor Cuomo and DEC to ban ATV use on the Forest Preserve PROTECT makes the case to the Governor and DEC Commissioner that ATV use on the Forest Preserve is an experiment that failed in the late 1990s. We should not go back to the days of mud and ruts. Read more here

February 28, 2013 Myths & Reality 1: Census data show that Adirondack residents are older than just about everywhere else and it’s the Park’s fault. PROTECT busts this myth. Not surprisingly the originators of this myth did not do their homework and look at the whole story. Park population actually tracks closely with many other parts of the U.S. Read more here

February 26, 2013 PROTECT says hats off to court victory for Phil Brown and the Adirondack Explorer in major public navigation rights lawsuit. Phil Brown, the editor of the Adirondack Explorer, won a big lawsuit today beating a trespassing charge brought by the Brandreth Park Association. Brown’s victory is an important milestone for public navigation rights. Read more here

February 21, 2013 PROTECT begins major lawsuit challenging the state’s construction of “class II community connector” snowmobile trail network based on road-like trails and grooming with large tracked groomers. PROTECT’s lawsuit alleges violations of the NYS Constitution, state law and regulations by APA and DEC. Read more here

February 18, 2013 Tens of thousands rally in Washington DC and around the U.S. calling for action to meet the challenges of global climate change. People from all across the U.S. and Canada rallied in the shadow of the Washington Monument to call for action on climate change from the U.S. government. PROTECT was there. Read more here

February 13, 2013 PROTECT cheers APA for tabling controversial General Permit to loosen clearcutting rules. PROTECT says hooray as APA decides not to take any action on its ill advised General Permit to ease the rules for clearcutting. We encourage the APA to step back and properly study and evaluate this issue. Read more here

February 13, 2013 PROTECT and a dozen other groups urge Governor Cuomo and APA to delay or deny General Permit to relax rules for clearcutting. A dozen groups have come together to urge the Governor and the APA to delay or deny a new General Permit to ease rules for clearcutting the Adirondack Park. Read more here

February 8, 2013 PROTECT believes APA’s actions to loosen rules for clearcutting will result in large-scale clearcuts of already heavily cut industrial forestlands. APA set to send a valentine to conservation easement landowners and FSC/SFI certified industrial landowners who want easier rules to undertake large clearcuts at its meeting on February 14th. Read more here

February 8, 2013 PROTECT releases satellite photographs showing heavy cutting of forests on state conservation easement lands in the Adirondack Park that raise many questions about the wisdom of proposed new APA rules to expand clearcutting. Satellite pictures show scenes of heavy cutting on easement lands across the Adirondacks. See pictures here

February 7, 2013 PROTECT applauds new Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2020. PROTECT salutes the leadership of Governor Cuomo in pushing for a bold new RGGI agreement to significantly reduce carbon emissions. RGGI matches new California carbon reduction law. Now we just need the federal government to act! Read more here

February 3, 2013 PROTECT calls for swift action by the Governor and DEC to protect Lake George from aquatic invasive species. PROTECT supports calls from local governments, businesses and environmental groups around Lake George for swift state action for new boat control program. The Governor and DEC vigorously drag their feet. Read more here

January 29, 2013 PROTECT finds possible Wetlands Act and stormwater pollution violations along new DEC and APA “showcase” community connector class II snowmobile trail through the Moose River Plains. Major new trail sees snowmobiles driving through wetlands and streams. DEC and APA are mum. Read more about it

January 24, 2013 PROTECT outlines its vision for official classification of 69,000 acres of new Forest Preserve lands. The Department of Environmental Conservation has released its conceptual plan for classification of the entire 69,000 acres being transferred by The Nature Conservancy. PROTECT has outlined its classification proposals. Read all about it here

January 23, 2013 High praise for the Elk Lake-Clear Pond Preserve in moving boldly and generously to donate a 12,000-acre conservation easement and 1,600 acres of new Forest Preserve lands. PROTECT salutes the Elk Lake-Clear Pond Preserve and The Nature Conservancy for a great stewardship accomplishment in the Adirondack Park. Bravo! Read more here

January 21, 2013 President Obama and Governor Cuomo both talk seriously about climate change in their major speeches. Good news on the climate change front! Both President Obama and Governor Cuomo elevate climate change from a forgotten talking point to a policy action priority in the first weeks of 2013. Read more here

January 19, 2013 A brave new look at the viability of the Adirondack Park to support a population of several hundred cougars. A new study of the viability of the Adirondack Park to support a cougar population has raised many questions and merits public debate. The answers to these questions will tell us a lot about the Adirondack Park. Read all about it here

January 16, 2013 PROTECT and Paul Smith’s College completed 15th year of partnership for water quality monitoring across the Adirondack Park in 2012. The largest water quality monitoring program in the Adirondacks is set to expand in 2013. From Upper Chateaugay Lake to the Great Sacandaga, lakes across the Adirondacks were studied through this longstanding partnership. Read more here

January 9, 2013 PROTECT says hats off to Open Space Institute for protecting the Marion River Carry. OSI closes on a historic deal to protect the Marion River Carry, which provides open public access to the canoe carry in perpetuity and blocks a bad subdivision on Utowana Lake approved by the APA. Read more here

January 8, 2013 PROTECT finds that DEC & APA community connector class II snowmobile “trail” building program violates major Forest Preserve regulations and policies (wonkish). PROTECT continues monitoring mismanagement of the Forest Preserve with large tracked groomers by the APA and DEC. Read more here

January 7, 2013 Adirondack and regional environmental groups call upon Governor Cuomo and DEC Commissioner Martens to support new mandatory boat inspection program for Lake George. Five environmental groups support Lake George community in need for boat inspection program to stop spread of aquatic invasive species infestations. Read more here

January 3, 2013 PROTECT cheers APA decision to postpone indefinitely controversial new General Permit to ease clearcutting rules. APA will not act this month on new rules to expand clearcutting in the Adirondacks. This is good news because this new program is deeply flawed. APA will also continue to take comments. Read more here

January 3, 2013 Three new articles posted to Mountain Mix. John Davis writes about the importance of wildlife corridors. Evelyn Greene questions the legality of snowmobiles in the Forest Preserve. Peter O’Shea writes about his experience participating in a bio-blitz in the Adirondacks. Read all Mountain Mix articles here

December 30, 2012 Protect the Adirondacks had a big year in 2012. Read PROTECT’s Top 10 List for 2012 accomplishments and major impacts in defense of a wild and green Adirondack Park. While 2012 saw successes, we’re confident that 2013 will be even stronger as Protect the Adirondacks continues to grow. Read more here

December 22, 2012 2012 will go down as the warmest year ever in the U.S. The data is in and 2012 is the warmest year ever in the U.S. 10 of the warmest years recorded in U.S. have occurred in the last 15 years. In the Adirondacks we saw 80 degrees last March, failure of some big lakes to freeze last winter, and a generally warm fall with snow in only the highest areas. Read more here

December 11, 2012 PROTECT opposes new APA policy to make it easier to clearcut the Adirondacks. APA is taking public comments on a draft General Permit for clearcutting forests. This new policy will make it easier for Adirondack forestlands to be clearcut and likely lead to an increase in clearcutting on industrial forestlands across the Adirondacks. Read more here

December 7, 2012 New issue of PROTECT’s The Park Report (November 2012). Read about the Governor’s plan to buy 69,000 from TNC for the Forest Preserve, PROTECT’s new Upper Hudson River Wilderness Area proposal, updates on climate change, community development initiatives and the Forest Preserve Watch. Read The Park Report here

December 3, 2012 PROTECT and Sierra Club re-file discovery motion in lawsuit against APA over ACR decision. PROTECT moves ahead with its push for discovery around illegal ex parte communications. PROTECT also files new lawsuit against the APA to challenge a denial of materials sought under the Freedom of Information Act. Read more here

November 30, 2012 PROTECT cheers the end of a recent anti-Wilderness lawsuit. News is out that a lawsuit by a long-time anti-Wilderness crusader in the Adirondack Park has terminated. Hooray! Read more here

November 15, 2012 PROTECT releases proposal for new 39,000-Acre Upper Hudson River Wilderness Area. The recent announcement that the state will purchase 69,000 acres from The Nature Conservancy creates a great opportunity for a new 39,000-acre Wilderness Area that protects 22 miles of the Hudson River. Read more here

Updated November 14, 2012 PROTECT finds construction of new “Community Connector” snowmobile trail in the Moose River Plains is far more like a new road than a trail.
PROTECT conducted a field visit to the construction of a new 5-mile section of a major new snowmobile trail by the APA and DEC. The construction is a de facto new road through the Moose River Plains. Read about it here

October 30, 2012 Purchase of 69,000 Acres for the Forest Preserve is a Boost to Local Economy.
PROTECT rebuts false charges from the Local Government Review Board about economic impacts from state purchase of 69,000 acres to add to the Forest Preserve. LGRB says new Forest Preserve lands will kill jobs. PROTECT refutes this claim. Read more here

October 29, 2012 Will Hurricane Sandy be as devastating to the Adirondack Park as Tropical Storm Irene?
As Hurricane Sandy moves up the Atlantic coast and bears down on New Jersey and New York we take a look back at Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. We also listen to Bill Mckibben as he talks about the impacts of climate change on extreme weather in our area. Read more here

October 19, 2012 Photographic tour of great new lands for the Forest Preserve.
See a photographic tour of the new Forest Preserve lands that Governor Cuomo is buying from The Nature Conservancy. See the Boreas Ponds, Ok Slips Falls, the Blue Ledges in the Hudson Gorge, the flatwaters of the Upper Hudson River and the Essex Chain Lakes among other great lands. See pictures here

October 5, 2012 It’s time to consider the merits of PROTECT and the Sierra Club’s lawsuit against the APA over its approval of ACR project.
PROTECT lays out point by point the merits of its lawsuit that challenges the APA’s approval of the 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort subdivision in Tupper Lake. Read more here

September 8, 2012 An environmentalist’s perspective on the “Adirondack Futures” work of Dave Mason and Jim Herman.
PROTECT Board member Ken Strike provides a green perspective on the community and economic development strategy work “Adirondack Futures” that has been widely praised across the Adirondacks. Read more here

September 27, 2012 PROTECT rebuts still more bogus allegations from Tupper Lake realtor Jim LaValley.
PROTECT is being blamed for all sorts of things in Tupper Lake by Jim LaValley and other local leaders because of our lawsuit that challenges the APA’s approval of a 6,000 acre subdivision around the Big Tupper Ski Area. PROTECT rebuts the latest false charges from supporters of the ACR development. Read more here

September 18, 2012 PROTECT files new Motion for Discovery in its lawsuit against the APA over the ACR approval.
PROTECT filed a new Motion for Discovery in an effort to gather more information about its claims of widespread ex parte communications between the APA, applicant and government officials. Read more here

September 10, 2012 PROTECT alleges that APA’s “Order for Approval” of various ACR permits expired at the end of July 2012.
PROTECT submitted a letter to the APA making the argument that its Order for Approval of the various ACR permits expired after 6 months, at the end of July 2012, because the applicant failed to comply with the Order’s many requirements. Read more here

July 20, 2012 PROTECT rebuts false charges from supporters of the ACR project in Tupper Lake.
PROTECT rebuts false charges from Jim LaValley about our lawsuit against the APA over its approval of the ACR project. Read more here