The best investment in Adirondack conservation and environmental protection that you can make.

Adirondack 500 is a group of dedicated donors who commit to an annual contribution at the level of their choice to support the important work of Protect the Adirondacks.


Giving Equals Success

Protect the Adirondacks combines advocacy, grassroots organizing, independent public oversight, long-term research, and legal action to win new protections for the Adirondack Park. Our legal victories are historic, our 25-year scientific partnership has built one of the best long-term water quality monitoring programs in the eastern U.S., and our research on population and economic trends has shown the major challenges facing rural communities. We’re active with state agencies, with the Governor and Legislature in Albany, and with local governments throughout the Adirondacks.

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Science, Research, Advocacy, Legal Action

Protect the Adirondacks successfully advocates for stronger environmental protections and community development programs based on science and research. Our water quality monitoring proved the case about road salt pollution. Our population and economics trend reports showed that Adirondack communities are faring better than many other rural areas. Our advocacy has won new laws and state programs. Our lawsuits have won major victories that will shape management of the “Forever Wild” Forest Preserve for decades to come. We get the job done for the Adirondack Park.


A Legacy of Action, Grit, and Success

Protect the Adirondacks is known for being tenacious and principled. We identify problems and challenges facing the environment and communities of the Adirondack Park. We research these issues and honestly advocate for solutions. We have a track record of upholding the rule of law and working to hold state and local governments accountable. At every step of the way our work is open and transparent and widely shared.


Why You Should Give

Financial support for Protect the Adirondacks is one of the best investments a donor can make in conservation and environmental protections for the Adirondack Park. Protect the Adirondacks is a small grassroots group that has won big victories that have wrought major changes and long-lasting reforms to improve the management of the Adirondack Park and protect its natural resources.


Join the Adirondack 500

Sign up today with the Adirondack 500 and help sustain the vital work of Protect the Adirondacks. Adirondack 500 donors receive special briefings.

Adirondack 500 donations can be made annually, monthly, or quarterly. They can be made by credit card, check, gifts of stock, IRA disbursements, or other ways. We have a professional financial manager ready to help you structure your donation.

Click here to go to our secure donations page to sign up for the Adirondack 500. Or, call us at 518-251-2700, or email us at:

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