Proposal 1 voted down by overwhelming margin the question about whether to hold a new constitutional convention in 2018.

Proposal 3 passed by over 100,000 votes in close vote that showed the great concern that New Yorkers have for the forever wild Forest Preserve.

Protect the Adirondacks cheers New Yorkers for helping to overwhelmingly vote down Proposal 1, which would have approved a constitutional convention in 2018. The vote was overwhelming with approximately 2.3 million New Yorkers voting no and 850,000 voting yes. The question was voted down by a margin of 73% to 27%. This was a stunning rejection for a ballot question that had enjoyed majority support as recently as the summer of 2017.

“New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted no on the question of whether to hold a new constitutional convention. This lopsided vote is a clear vote of no confidence that a constitutional convention could be organized in a way that would make things better. New Yorkers clearly feared that there was much to lose and little to gain. Across the Adirondacks, vote tallies saw 80 and 90% of voters saying no. There was a tremendous concern that Article XIV, the forever wild clause, would be injured and weakened by a new convention. While people voted no for many different reasons, one big reason was to uphold protections for the 3 million acre public Forest Preserves in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks,” said Peter Bauer, executive director of Protect the Adirondacks.

Protect the Adirondacks also cheers the narrow passage of Proposal 3, which authorizes the creation of a 250 acre Health and Safety Land Account that will enable local municipalities in the Adirondacks and Catskills to utilize lands alongside state and local highways for expanding or routing utilities, such as broadband or municipal water systems, as well as bike paths. Lands will be applied for and disbursed through a public review process administered by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

“Protect the Adirondacks campaigned for Proposal 3 with a diverse coalition of local government leaders, environmental groups, and business leaders who banded together to tackle a serious issue and develop a safe and sensible solution that upholds Article XIV, the forever wild provision, of the State Constitution, while meeting the key needs of local communities. Proposal 3 experienced strong no votes downstate, but was carried to victory by votes across upstate and especially by the strong support of Adirondack and Catskill counties, which provided the margin of victory,” said Peter Bauer.

“We’re confident that the new Health and Safety Land Account will be used responsibly and effectively by state and local leaders. We’re hopeful that this effort assists the development and viability of communities across the Adirondack and Catskills,” said Peter Bauer.