Protect the Adirondacks is deeply grateful for all the support from people around New York who have stood up for Forever Wild. This is no small feat in this day and age. Proposition 5 is a raw deal for the people of the State of New York and our Constitutionally protected “forever wild” Forest Preserve, and sets a terrible precedent for future efforts to sell parts of the Forest Preserve.

A no vote on Proposition 5.

Today is the day of decision. Today we vote.

Here’s a recap of all who have stood with us and helped defend the Forest Preserve.

Catskill Mountainkeeper urged New Yorkers to VOTE NO on Proposition 5.

Newsday editorialized to VOTE NO on Proposition 5.

The Times Union in Albany called upon New Yorkers to vote no on Proposition 5.

We applauded the excellent early editorial in the Lake George Mirror that made the case for a no vote.

The Sierra Club says Vote No on Proposition 5.

John Davis of the Wildlands Networks explains why he is voting no on Prop 5.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) opposes this amendment.

The Atlantic States Legal Foundation calls for a “No Vote” on Proposition 5.

Adirondack Wild worked for a no vote on Prop 5.

Read an op-ed in the Syracuse Post Standard that makes the case for a no vote. Read an op-ed in the Journal News arguing for a no vote.

See a terrific op-ed in the Adirondack Almanack by a noted Forest Preserve writer who supports a no vote on Proposition 5.

See op-ed by PROTECT in the New York Gannett News Newspapers. See PROTECT op-eds in the Times Union and letters to the editor in the Watertown Daily Times and Hamilton County News.

We posted all the major arguments for the Vote No case on Facebook and got lots of people involved.

PROTECT listed all the major events and arguments around the issue.