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It’s time to build sustainable trails throughout the High Peaks Wilderness

In 2018, state agencies combined the Dix Mountain and High Peaks Wilderness areas into one grand 275,000-acre Wilderness area, which is now celebrated as the 3rd largest Wilderness area east of the Mississippi River, behind [...]

2019-09-25T10:18:50-04:00April 8, 2019|

ORDA Should Not Play Games With Article 14, the Forever Wild Clause in the NYS Constitution

It’s not every day that one gets to see a well-worn aphorism ring true. The philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  In the Adirondacks this is [...]

2019-09-12T19:08:21-04:00March 13, 2019|

PROTECT opposes State’s plan to build snowmobile trail through a Wilderness area

Help Stop State Plans to Build a New Major Snowmobile Trail through the Blue Ridge Wilderness Area The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is proposing to build a new snowmobile trail nearly 4 miles long [...]

2019-09-12T10:00:52-04:00December 4, 2018|

State seeks to degrade environmental protection and give away public recreational rights on 19,000-acre Long Pond Conservation Easement in St. Lawrence County

Public Recreational Rights on the Long Pond Conservation Easement should Remain Full and Complete, Grandfathered Leased Hunting Camps should be Removed A map of the Long Pond Conservation Easement in the Town of Colton, [...]

2019-09-12T10:23:13-04:00October 17, 2018|

State aims to build new duplicative bridge over the Cedar River for new snowmobile trail through the heart of the Essex Chain Lakes area

PROTECT's Public Comments on Proposed Permit/Variance under the NYS Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers Act for Construction of a Snowmobile Bridge in a Scenic River Area of the Cedar River See formal public comments in [...]

2019-09-12T10:26:05-04:00September 25, 2018|

Scenes from the Canoe-In for Motorless Weller Pond demonstration held on August 18, 2018 on Middle Saranac Lake and Weller Pond

Protect the Adirondacks held the Canoe-In for a Motorless Weller Pond to demonstrate for state management of Weller Pond and Little Weller Pond as new motorless destinations. These ponds are surrounded by Forest Preserve and [...]

2019-09-12T10:28:07-04:00August 23, 2018|

PROTECT cheers removal of last railcars stored for two years along Hudson River on NYS Route 28

Protect the Adirondacks applauds the removal of 22 old hopper rail cars at the end of July that had been stored on the banks of the Hudson River for more than two years outside of [...]

2019-09-12T23:32:38-04:00August 1, 2018|

PROTECT to honor The Nature Conservancy Heart of the Adirondacks Team for Historic 161,000-Acre Land Protection Campaign with Howard Zahniser Adirondack Award on July 21, 2018

Award will be made at the annual meeting of Protect the Adirondacks at The Grange in Whallonsburg in the Champlain Valley. Dirk Bryant, scientist with The Nature Conservancy, and Mike Carr, the former executive director [...]

2019-09-12T23:34:17-04:00July 13, 2018|

Public comments needed for new Saranac Lake Wild Forest Area Unit Management Plan by July 13th

The Saranac Lake Wild Forest area is one of the most complicated Forest Preserve areas in the Adirondacks due to the wide variety of different public recreational opportunities and the popularity of the area. This [...]

2019-09-12T23:35:47-04:00July 9, 2018|
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