15 05, 2023

Don’t privatize the Forest Preserve, don’t marginalize public access to Debar Pond

2023-05-24T11:36:29-04:00May 15, 2023|

Don’t privatize the Public Forest Preserve, this bad deal for forever wild must be stopped! Protect the Adirondacks opposes S.03030 (Stec)/A.02816 (Jones).  This legislation states that its purpose is to amend the constitution to convey [...]

26 04, 2023

Adirondack Park Agency Board needs credible environmental voices

2023-04-26T06:25:47-04:00April 26, 2023|

The Adirondack Park has long been cherished by New Yorkers. Over 90 percent of the constitutionally protected public Forest Preserve in New York State is in the Adirondack Park, including the state’s grandest Wilderness Areas. [...]

24 04, 2023

PROTECT supports “1st Passage” for Article 14 Amendments for Mt. Van Hoevenberg and Camp Gabriels

2023-04-26T08:14:38-04:00April 24, 2023|

PROTECT supports First Passage of Article 14 Amendment for Camp Gabriels state prison complex Protect the Adirondacks supports the proposed amendment to Article 14, Section 1,  the “forever wild” clause of the New York State [...]

8 04, 2023

Public comments needed on proposed changes to Adirondack Park Agency Policies

2023-04-26T05:51:27-04:00April 8, 2023|

APA is trying to change its Public Comment Policy to make it more difficult for the public to submit comments and provide less public input. The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) is seeking to change its [...]

5 04, 2023

2022 US Census estimates: 89% of NYS counties lost population

2023-04-05T08:15:21-04:00April 5, 2023|

The US Census recently released its estimates for changes in U.S. population for 2021-2022. These are estimates that are based on samples and models from across the country and are not the complete counts that [...]

24 03, 2023

Public comments needed to make the Adirondack Park Agency comply with state laws to protect the Forest Preserve

2023-04-18T06:23:45-04:00March 24, 2023|

We need you to write a public comment to help stop state agencies from expanding roads for motor vehicles on the Forest Preserve! The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) [...]

15 03, 2023

NYSDEC now admits that the Cooperstown Wolf was a wild wolf

2023-03-15T07:17:50-04:00March 15, 2023|

After a large 85-pound canid was shot by a hunter in Otsego County in December 2021, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced that the animal was a coyote.  Despite possessing wolf-like size and physical [...]

8 03, 2023

Adirondack Park Agency loses in State Supreme Court in Warren County on permit authorizing chemical treatment of Eurasian Watermilfoil on Lake George

2023-03-08T07:22:48-05:00March 8, 2023|

On Friday, March 3, 2023, the Supreme Court in Warren County (Muller, J.) annulled a permit issued by the Adirondack Park Agency for the use of ProcellaCOR on Lake George. The Court issued the decision [...]

2 03, 2023

Court strikes down Adirondack Park Agency permit for major expansion of marina on Lower Saranac Lake

2023-03-02T14:59:49-05:00March 2, 2023|

Appellate Division, Third Department, strikes down Lower Saranac Lake Marina permit Court emphasizes importance of carrying capacity studies of Adirondack lakes and criticizes State agencies for failing to conduct studies. The Appellate Division, Third Department [...]

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