The Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) has been around since 1922 dedicated to the protection and responsible recreational use of the NYS Forest Preserve. There are 27 ADK chapters scattered around New York. Our particular one named Cold River Chapter (CRC) has members from Inlet in the west to Newcomb in the north to Ballston Spa in the south, with most members residing in Long Lake, Indian Lake, North River, on Loon Lake and in North Creek. We all set aside Thursdays for the “Responsible Recreation” part of our mission! Our average age is probably about 65 years old.

We hike, paddle, cross-country ski, snowshoe or bike depending on the weather, individual desires, leaders available, etc., but we have probably missed only two or three Thursdays a year due to bad weather! Although we try to find new venues, we also always include our favorites, such as the Santanoni Great Camp for the first snow in December, the Racquette River in the spring when it is still over its banks, Chimney Mountain with its fascinating rock formation, Eagle Cave and spring flowers, and many more.

We participate in trail clearing, fire tower maintenance and other projects helpful to the Forest Preserve. The more we are out there in the woods and on the water, the more we appreciate our ADK training:
1) Leave No trace
2) “How to Shit in the Woods”
3) Stay out of the High Peak slopes in mud season
4) Slog through the middle of wet trails to avoid making them wider
5) Use snowshoes to avoid “fence post holes” in the middle of trails
6) Take our mushroom, wild flower and bird books to enjoy nature even more
7) Send in our opinions to ADK, Protect and other organizations trying to preserve our great Park!

It is safe to say that each of the 150+ members that have participated on Thursdays have become savvy, dedicated Adirondack Park advocates in his or her own way.

About the author. Sue Davis had to be re-introduced to the Park 15 years ago after she met her spouse, Noel Davis, in the Catskills. Her parents had brought her camping here in the 1950s. She has lived in California, Idaho, Chicago, Buffalo, Rochester and Boston, but after retiring and moving to the Adirondack Park, she can’t think of a better place to be.