31 08, 2023

Protect the Adirondacks calls on Governor Hochul To Release Adirondack Road Salt Reduction Task Force Report

2023-09-04T07:08:22-04:00August 31, 2023|

Long delayed and overdue report needs to be released before new 2023-24 winter and road salt season begins. Protect the Adirondacks today called for Governor Kathy Hochul to release the long stalled Adirondack Road Salt [...]

29 08, 2023

We need your help to get messages to Governor Kathy Hochul to sign the Anti-Wildlife Killing Contests bill into law

2023-08-30T07:55:25-04:00August 29, 2023|

Public calls and messages needed on bill that prohibits Wildlife Killing Contests In June 2023, the State Legislature passed legislation carried by Deborah Glick, Chair of the Committee on Environmental Conservation and by Senator Timothy [...]

25 08, 2023

Appeal is filed to White Lake Granite Quarry permit, seeking to overturn lower court decision

2023-09-04T12:10:08-04:00August 25, 2023|

In early 2022, the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) issued a permit for the controversial new granite quarry mine in White Lake in the western Adirondack Park in the Town of Forestport, Oneida County. Area residents [...]

14 08, 2023

PROTECT challenges Adirondack Park Agency’s failure to require Wetlands Permit and its decision to approve a Variance on longstanding controversial marina expansion on Lower Saranac Lake

2023-08-30T07:57:58-04:00August 14, 2023|

Protect the Adirondacks filed a new lawsuit challenging the APA’s failure to require a Wetlands Permit, since the marina is located in wetlands, and challenges the APA’s new approval of a Variance for the marina [...]

14 08, 2023

Carrying Capacity study needed for the Saranac Chain of Lakes

2023-08-24T08:14:46-04:00August 14, 2023|

Assessing the carrying capacity of specific areas of the public Forest Preserve, especially lakes and ponds, has been a requirement of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan for decades. Despite the plain language of [...]

24 07, 2023

2023 Annual Members Meeting was a hit at the Adirondack Gateway at Frontier Town (Exit 29)

2023-07-29T11:55:22-04:00July 24, 2023|

The 2023 Annual Members Meeting for Protect the Adirondacks was held on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at the Adirondack Gateway at Frontier Town (Exit 29). The day featured our business meeting on the state of [...]

11 07, 2023

2023 Annual Membership Meeting on July 22, 2023 location has been changed to North Hudson, NY

2023-07-18T15:02:57-04:00July 11, 2023|

Important Notice: Annual Meeting Location Has Been Changed. The location for the 2023 annual membership meeting of Protect the Adirondacks has been moved from the Visitor Interpretive Center in Newcomb to the Exit 29 (Adirondack [...]

10 07, 2023

Governor Hochul must order the release of the Adirondack Road Salt Task Force Report

2023-07-12T12:35:31-04:00July 10, 2023|

Road salt pollution in Adirondacks lakes has been well documented over the last three decades and spotlighted for political action over the last decade. Contamination of residential and small business drinking water wells in lands [...]

21 06, 2023

Legislature passes bill to ban wildlife killing contests

2023-06-22T11:03:32-04:00June 21, 2023|

New York State becomes the 9th state to ban wildlife killing contests On June 21, 2023, the NYS Assembly passed legislation carried by Deborah Glick, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation, to ban [...]

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