Gotta love it. Each year The Chronicle, published in Glens Falls, puts out an April Fools edition and each year many readers are caught unaware.

This year PROTECT gets page 1 treatment in a made-up story about using unmanned predator drones to keep as watch on things in the Adirondack Park.

The article states: “Four unmanned computer-controlled drones will begin surreptitiously patrolling skies above the Adirondacks starting this summer, The Chronicle has learned. The drones were purchased with a $50 million grant provided by the environmental group Protect the Adirondacks!, but it strenuously denied rumors that its executive director Peter Bauer and Glens Falls attorney John Caffry will control the drones from their laptop computers.”

All good fun. See page 1 below. See a larger version here.

Front page of the April Fools edition of the Chronicle, published in Glens Falls.