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  • July 22, 2014 Public comments needed by July 25th on draft UMP amendments to Forest Preserve areas in the central Adirondacks. Go online and complete a letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation about proposed snowmobile trails through the heart of the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest area and other locations. Read more here
  • July 22, 2014 Legal papers posted for legal challenge to state's plan to implement the NYCO Constitutional Amendment. Legal papers have been posted that support the lawsuit against plans by the Adirondack Park Agency and Department of Environmental Conservation to implement the NYCO Constitutional Amendment to mine 200 acres of the Jay Mountain Wilderness area. Read more here
  • WaterLilly-iconJuly 20, 2014  South Inlet on Raquette Lake is an easy and beautiful paddle. Raquette Lake's South Inlet is one of many stunningly beautiful and easily accessible areas for a flat water paddle in the central Adirondack Park. It's rich in scenic beauty and natural wonders and shows the promise of the forever wild Forest Preserve. Read more here
  • July 11, 2014 PROTECT and other groups start legal action to stop exploratory mining in the Jay Mountain Wilderness. PROTECT and other groups have teamed up with Earthjustice to challenge the decision by the state to exempt or suspend other state environmental laws during the mineral exploration phase of the NYCO Amendment. Read more here
  • July 9, 2014 Public comments needed now on draft Essex Chain Complex UMP. Protect the Forest Preserve and send in a public comment on the draft plan that will determine natural resource protection and public recreational management for the Essex Chain Lakes and Pine Lake Primitive areas and bordering Wild Forest and Wilderness areas. Take action now
  • NY-Times-Easy-Living-Report-300x202 July 8, 2014 New dataset for various quality of life measures places the Adirondack Park in a national context. A national ranking for counties by rates for unemployment, disability, obesity, life expectancy, college education and median family income sees many Adirondack counties better off than most other rural areas in the U.S. Appalachia and the Deep South stand out for low rankings. Read more here
  • ACRSchematic July 3, 2014 Protect the Adirondacks is disappointed by decision in its legal challenge to APA’s approval of ACR project. The Appellate Division, Third Department ruled against PROTECT's legal challenge to the APA's approval of the 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort project in Tupper Lake. This is a major setback for the Adirondack Park. Read more here
  • APRAP-Icon June 24, 2014 APRAP Update misdiagnoses population demographic issues in Adirondack Park. PROTECT details the many ways that the new Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project gets it wrong. The new APRAP Update misdiagnoses critical population demographic data, which undermines planning to strengthen Park communities. Read more here
  • judith-enck-icon June 23, 2014 Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 Administrator, to speak about climate change at annual meeting of Protect the Adirondacks on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Judith Enck will talk about the EPA's new historic greenhouse gas and C02 emission reductions draft regulations for coal-fired power plants at PROTECT's annual meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Read more here
  • June 20, 2014 The 2014 NYS Legislative Session passed historic aquatic invasive species control legislation and blocked damaging ATV legislation. PROTECT helped to pass historic aquatic invasive species prevention and control legislation, which will help make New York pro-active and focus on prevention of new infestations. We also helped block a bad ATV bill. Read more here
  • Main Lodge, Great Camp Sagamore June 18, 2014 Information for PROTECT Annual Members Meeting on July 6th at Great Camp Sagamore. Information for members about the 2014 annual members meeting, 2014 Board of Directors election, and revision of our bylaws. Read Board bios, review the agenda, and get information on the day's activities. Get information here

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