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  • SLMP-Reform-Icon March 12, 2015 APA should fully research and analyze proposed revisions to the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls on the Adirondack Park Agency to fully research issues identified for possible revision in the State Land Master Plan and not to rely of politically driven mythologies and unproven anecdotes. Good data makes good policy. Read more here
  • Burn-Road-icon March 5, 2015 Watching Wilderness grow as the forest reclaims the Burn Road in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area. The business of taking back a road is slow work for the forest, but the last 15 years have seen the forest get a foothold. In the years ahead, the grassy meadows will give way, the gravel patches will be buried over, and a new forest will possess the land. Read more here
  • WinterScenes-Icon February 28, 2015 More beautiful winter scenes from Protect the Adirondacks. Throughout February 2015, the Adirondack Park has experienced deep snows and deep freezes that have made for beautiful winter scenes. From frozen streams to mountain vistas to deep forests to frozen krumholtz on mountain summits Adirondack beauty abounds. Check out some of the best. Read more here
  • SLMP-Reform-Icon February 24, 2015 Major changes afoot for management of the “forever wild” Forest Preserve. The process is starting for major policy changes for the management of the Forest Preserve in the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. Will new motorized uses be allowed? Will the Forest Preserve be managed for an economic return or to protect natural resources? Read more here
  • DefendingForestPreserve-icon February 15, 2015 PROTECT releases new criteria to evaluate proposed Article XIV Constitutional Amendments. PROTECT provides a new criteria to improve the evaluation and review of proposed Article XIV Constitutional Amendments. Four amendments have been passed since 2007 and more are in the works. Read more here
  • JUSTICE February 13, 2015 Court actions are a major part of American democracy and a tool PROTECT uses only as a last resort. PROTECT sets the record straight around our legal challenge to the APA's approval of the 6,000-acre Adirondack Club & Resort project, an action to setup a ruinous precedent and protect Adirondack forests. Read more here
  • Englebright February 5, 2015 Protect the Adirondacks cheers appointment of Steve Englebright as the new Chairman of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee. The reorganized New York State Assembly has named long-time environmental stalwart Steve Englebright from Long Island as its new leader of the Committee on Environmental Conservation. Read more here
  • RaquetteRiver-icon February 3, 2015 PROTECT cheers proposed increase in Environmental Protection Fund spending, but opposes use of climate change monies to fund the increase. PROTECT cheers the Governor's proposed boost in environmental spending, but opposes robbing Peter to pay Paul by using climate change funding. Read more here
  • EssexCountySeal January 30, 2015 PROTECT calls on the Essex County Board of Supervisors to let freedom ring. PROTECT stands up to attempts by the Essex County Board of Supervisors to close us down and silence our advocacy for a wild Adirondack Park. It's a strange thing indeed to see publicly elected officials jump on the bandwagon to take away our freedom of speech and try to abolish us. Read more here
  • WinterScenes-Icon January 30, 2015 See beautiful winter scenes from across the Adirondack Park. PROTECT publishes wild landscapes from a cold Adirondack winter. See many beautiful pictures of snowy deep forests, cold rivers, icy lakes, and many other scenes from throughout the frozen Adirondack Park and Forest Preserve. See more here
  • EssexCountySeal January 16, 2015 PROTECT responds to ill conceived resolution by Essex County Board of Supervisors in support of curbs on free speech and free expression. See our response to a resolution by the Essex County Board of Supervisors that called for curbs on the free speech and free expression of Protect the Adirondacks. Read more here

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