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  • NYCO-icon SPECIAL REPORT PROTECT submits Complaint over Illegal Advocacy and Lobbying by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for NYCO Constitutional Amendment. PROTECT submits a Complaint to state ethics agencies over DEC's lobbying and widespread support for NYCO Minerals for 2013 Constitutional Amendment. Read more here
  • Campaign-for-Wilderness-Icon CAMPAIGN FOR ADIRONDACK WILDERNESS PROTECT calls for classification of 36,500 acres of new Wilderness lands in the Forest Preserve to expand the High Peaks Wilderness area and create a new West Stony Creek Wilderness area. New state land purchases create a great opportunity for new wilderness lands in the Adirondack Park. Read more here
  • Minerva-Snowmobile-Trail-Icon July 22, 2016 In PROTECT’s lawsuit to defend “forever wild” the Appellate Court upholds Temporary Restraining Order against State’s tree cutting on the Forest Preserve. PROTECT is grateful that the Appellate Division, Third Department acted today to uphold a restraining order to prevent the cutting of thousands of trees on the Forest Preserve. Read more here
  • Harris-Lake-Icon-2 July 16, 2016 PROTECT Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against State’s Tree Cutting and Grading on the Forest Preserve. Tree cutting has been stopped by a judge on the newest controversial road-like snowmobile trail in the Forest Preserve that PROTECT alleges violates the forever wild provision of State Constitution. Read more here
  • Scenic-Icon-4 July 15, 2016 Dick Booth Steps Down from the Adirondack Park Agency and Issues a Farewell Address of His Concerns about State Management of the Forest Preserve. Courageous APA Board member Dick Booth issued a bold assessment outlining his concerns about APA illegal actions and poor decisions regarding Forest Preserve management. Read more here
  • Legislature-Icon July 15, 2016 The 2016 New York State Legislative Session Focused on Adirondack Park Matters. The state legislature adjourned in June with a healthy focus on Adirondack issues, with the State Assembly showing strong leadership. A new Article XIV Constitutional Amendment received 1st passage, the Township 40 agreement was finalized, among other actions. Read more here
  • Tafoni-icon June 29, 2016 Holy boulders of the “tafone” by Evelyn Greene. Wild, perforated, honeycombed, rock formations, some the size of a small house, called the "tafone" can be found in several places in the Adirondack Park. One section is near Thirteenth Lake, another on the flanks of Snowy Mountain. This summer PROTECT will lead trips to see these unique rocks. Read more here
  • Highways-Icon June 14, 2016 PROTECT supports new Article XIV Constitutional Amendment for locating broadband and utilities on road corridors that traverse the Forest Preserve and creating a new municipal land account. A new Constitutional Amendment will help to meet the needs of local communities for management of highways and expansion of broadband in the Adirondack Park. Read more here
  • RaquetteRiver-icon June 14, 2016 PROTECT supports new Article XIV Constitutional Amendment for Camp Gabriels lands. A new Article XIV Constitutional Amendment has been proposed by the State Senate to authorize sale of the former prison lands of the Camp Gabriels facility. These lands contain 45 buildings and the don't have a public value. Read more here
  • Campaign-for-Wilderness-Icon May 24, 2016 Seven simple rules for formal Forest Preserve classification of the Boreas Ponds tract. PROTECT enumerates rules for how to classify the newly acquired Boreas Ponds tract that will ensure an open and transparent public process, natural resource protection, and provide stellar public outdoor recreation; opportunities. Read more here
  • 2013CWB-Icon May 2, 2016 Checks and balances among state agencies are needed to protect the Forest Preserve. The natural resources of the Adirondack Park are best served and protected by an independent and thoughtful Adirondack Park Agency, rather than by a weak agency that takes orders from above. Read more here

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