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  • Take Action Now: Public comments needed to support historic draft EPA climate change rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until October 16, 2014 on the first nationwide climate change pollution reduction program. PROTECT encourages everyone who cares about the Adirondacks to comment. Take Action Now
  • Stop-AIS-iconAugust 27, 2014 Governor Cuomo should sign into law legislation to ban the transport of harmful aquatic invasive species across New York. Legislation has been sent to Governor Cuomo to ban transport of aquatic invasive species. PROTECT championed this legislation and urges the Governor to sign it into law. Read more here
  • CranePondRoad-iconAugust 25, 2014 Though court cases and state agencies called for the Crane Pond Road to be closed it remains open and is today is a poorly managed mess. A recent visit to the controversial Crane Pond Road in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area found this road in disrepair, a public safety hazard, and to provide little public information. Read more here
  • WestStonyCreek-iconAugust 22, 2014 Field notes on the proposed West Stony Creek Wilderness Area. Work has begun on the re-route of the new Northville Placid Trail through a part of the Forest Preserve that PROTECT is advocating for reclassification as part of the new West Stony Creek Wilderness area. The forest grows more beautiful the further one hikes in. Read more here
  • Scenic-iconAugust 21, 2014 The Adirondack Park Agency should manage reform of the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls upon the APA to manage a methodical, open and transparent process to reform the State Land Master Plan, which is the management policy document for the forever wild Forest Preserve. Others efforts seek a closed process. Read more here
  • RaquetteRiver-iconAugust 15, 2014 Pictures along 5 miles of the Raquette River from Axton Landing to Raquette Falls portray a magnificent river. The Raquette River is one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the Adirondack Park, a landscape with hundreds of miles of beautiful rivers. A dozen pictures let you sit back and watch the river flow. Read more here
  • CougarWatch-IconAugust 14, 2014 Cougar Watch Update: 19 reports from the past 18 months. From April 2013 thru August 2014, 19 reports were made to the Cougar Watch project that were credible, involving 17 sightings and two sets of tracks. Reports were from in and around the Adirondack Park. Read more here
  • Gray-Wolf-Icon August 12, 2014 Carnivores for Health. In a new Mountain Mix post John Davis makes the case to bring back big carnivores to the Adirondack Park. He argues that for the Adirondack Park to be indisputably the wildest, healthiest landscape in the East, we need to welcome home cougars and wolves to restore our ecological health. Read more here
  • August 8, 2014 PROTECT cheers DEC decision to withdraw flawed draft Essex Chain Lakes UMP. PROTECT applauds the decision by the Department of Environmental Conservation to withdraw its deeply flawed draft Unit Management Plan for the Essex Chain Lakes area. PROTECT catalogued widespread weaknesses with the draft plan. Read more here
  • ACRSchematic August 4, 2014 Appeal filed against Appellate Court decision on lawsuit challenging the APA's approval of the Adirondack Club & Resort project. PROTECT has submitted a motion seeking leave for appeal to challenge last month's Appellate Court decision. PROTECT and other litigants strongly disagree with the court decision. An appeal process will likely be concluded within six months. Read more here
  • July 22, 2014 Public comments needed by July 25th on draft UMP amendments to Forest Preserve areas in the central Adirondacks. Go online and complete a letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation about proposed snowmobile trails through the heart of the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest area and other locations. Read more here

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