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  • VIC-Building-Icon Register today for the 2015 Annual Meeting at the Paul Smith's Visitors Interpretive Center on July 5th. Join the Board of Directors, staff and members of Protect the Adirondacks for the 2015 annual meeting at the Paul Smith's VIC. The day includes organizational updates, conservation and advocacy report, and a special presentation on the return of mountain lions to the Adirondacks. See more information here
  • FinchLands-Icon July 1, 2015 Protect the Adirondacks calls for the state to remove the Polaris Bridge and restore the wild Hudson River. Retention of the controversial Polaris Bridge over the Hudson River will lead to long-term natural resource degradation by linking it to new road-like snowmobile trails cut through a wild trailless part of the Forest Preserve. A better choice is to let the wild Hudson River run free. Read more here
  • GilmanTownTrail-icon June 25, 2015 Gilmantown class II community connector snowmobile trail shows how a forest is changed to a green lawn. Pictures of the new class II community connector snowmobile trail built through the Gilmantown section of the Jessup River Wild Forest area shows how an intact, dense forest is turned into a grassy trail. Read more here
  • 2013-14-Annual-Report-cover-icon-web June 24, 2015 PROTECT releases new annual report for 2013-14. New annual report details conservation and advocacy highlights, including work to defend the Forest Preserve and water quality, research projects, legal actions, and field work that uncovered widespread violations of state law. The report also profiles new Board members and provides financial reports. See new report here
  • MotorizedUseExpansion June 16, 2015 APA and DEC willfully omit important information from evaluation of plans to build major snowmobile system through the central Adirondacks. The largest expansion of recreational motor vehicle use on the Forest Preserve is underway. Each new UMP or amendment sees ever more road-like trails proposed and approved. Read more here
  • DefendingForestPreserve-icon May 28, 2015 Public comments on new community connector snowmobile trail system in the central Adirondacks needed by June 15th. The APA is taking public comments on major new snowmobile trails, part of the largest expansion of motor vehicle use in the history of the Forest Preserve. Please send in your comments today. Read more here
  • GreenInfrastructure-icon May 1, 2015 Adirondack Park Green Infrastructure Survey. Protect the Adirondacks is building a list of potential green infrastructure projects in communities around the Adirondack Park. Green infrastructure is the nexus between economic development and environmental protection. Across the Adirondack Park there is a great need to invest in green infrastructure projects. Read more here
  • FinchLands-Icon April 22, 2015 DEC seeks public comments on Essex Chain Lakes Complex area as it starts to develop an official Unit Management Plan. The Department of Environmental Conservation has started the process to create an official Unit Management Plan and is taking public comments during a “scoping” process for ideas on how these lands should be managed. The stakes are high. Read more here
  • GreenInfrastructure-icon April 7, 2015 Help identify projects to propose to the Governor to enhance the environmental infrastructure across the Adirondacks. We're building an inventory of infrastructure projects that will protect the Park's environment and add to the resiliency of Adirondack communities. Unprecedented levels of state funding loom on the horizon for green projects. Read more here
  • SLMP-Reform-Icon March 12, 2015 APA should fully research and analyze proposed revisions to the State Land Master Plan. PROTECT calls on the Adirondack Park Agency to fully research issues identified for possible revision in the State Land Master Plan and not to rely of politically driven mythologies and unproven anecdotes. Good data makes good policy. Read more here
  • Burn-Road-icon March 5, 2015 Watching Wilderness grow as the forest reclaims the Burn Road in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area. The business of taking back a road is slow work for the forest, but the last 15 years have seen the forest get a foothold. In the years ahead, the grassy meadows will give way, the gravel patches will be buried over, and a new forest will possess the land. Read more here

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