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  • EssexCountySeal January 16, 2015 PROTECT responds to ill conceived resolution by Essex County Board of Supervisors in support of curbs on free speech and free expression. See our response to a resolution by the Essex County Board of Supervisors that called for curbs on the free speech and free expression of Protect the Adirondacks. Read more here
  • Woodworth-Lake-icon January 11, 2015 PROTECT and other groups oppose 1,100-acre subdivision around Woodworth Lake set for approval by the Adirondack Park Agency. A group letter was submitted to the APA opposed to the poorly designed subdivision across 1,100 acres of Resource Management lands in the southern Adirondacks. Read more here
  • FreeSpeech January 9, 2015 Denton Publications renounces its controversial editorial attacking Protect the Adirondacks. Protect the Adirondacks cheers the decision by Denton Publications to walk back its call for censorship and blacklisting of our environmental advocacy work. Denton's position was widely criticized. Read more here
  • GSW-icon January 2, 2015 Thoughts and comments on the Great South Woods community development and Forest Preserve access planning project. PROTECT comments on the new Great South Woods planning project, which holds great promise and great pitfalls for the management and protection of the Forest Preserve. Read more here
  • FreeSpeech December 30, 2014 PROTECT rejects Denton Publications’ inflammatory efforts to censor and suppress our advocacy work to conserve the Adirondack Park. Off the wall and inflammatory editorial in local newspaper calls for PROTECT to be silenced and abolished. Rest assured -- we're not going anywhere. See PROTECT's rebuttal and comments from many who have risen to our defense. Read more here
  • Stop-AIS-icon December 17, 2014 New York publishes draft Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan. New York needs to build a comprehensive statewide boat inspection and decontamination network to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species and focus on prevention and interdiction. This is critical for the Adirondack Park, which has many lakes and ponds still uninfected with invasive species. Read more here
  • RaquetteRiver-icon December 17, 2014 Public Comments needed on the Draft 2014 Open Space Conservation Plan. A public hearing is now open on the draft plan that guides land protection throughout the Adirondack Park and across New York and sets environmental policy for open space protection. Public comments are needed by December 17, 2014. Submit your letter today. Read more here
  • SLMP-Reform-Icon December 2, 2014 APA holds public hearing on revision of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan. Public comments are needed by December 5, 2014 on proposals by the Adirondack Park Agency regarding possible revisions to the State Land Master Plan, which guides management of the public "forever wild" Forest Preserve. Read more here
  • December 1, 2014 Public comments needed to support historic draft EPA climate change rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments until December 2, 2014 on the first nationwide climate change pollution reduction program. PROTECT encourages everyone who cares about the Adirondacks to comment. Read more here
  • Woodworth-Lake-icon November 24, 2014 Woodworth Lake subdivision fragments Adirondack forests and backcountry. New backcountry sprawl subdivision project in the southern Adirondacks is poised for approval by the APA. This project fails to employ protective Conservation Subdivision Design techniques and marks a step backwards in land use planning. Read more here
  • NY-Times-Easy-Living-Report-300x202 November 22, 2014 New report finds urban preference for college educated young people for places to live. The City Observatory think tank finds strong urban preference for locations to live among college educated 24-35 year olds. Report is consistent with national demographic trends for rural America and can help inform Adirondack Park leaders. Read more here

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