Rocky Mountain is an easy climb that leads to a wide open summit with terrific views of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and Moose River Plains

Rocky Mountain
0.5 miles (1 mile round-trip)
Inlet, Hamilton County
Moose River Plains Wild Forest
Hiking, snowshoeing
Level of Difficulty: Easy


Hike Rocky Mountain

The 0.5-mile trail up Rocky Mountain is just outside the Town of Inlet in Hamilton County in the western Adirondacks. The trail is located just west of downtown Inlet in Hamilton County, Rocky Mountain is a short hike to a small peak with big views just off of Route 28. The trail to Rocky Mountain is located on public Forest Preserve in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest Area.

The trail to Rocky Mountain is short but offers a big reward at the top with a grand 180-degree view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and forests and mountains to the south. With a mild ascent on a wide and heavily-worn trail, this popular hike is ideal for people of all ages looking for a quick hike to a top-notch view in the western Adirondacks.


The parking area for Rocky Mountain (also known as Rocky Peak) is located off of State Route 28 just west of downtown Inlet. During the summer months, there is also a boat wash station in this parking lot. This is the same trailhead parking area used for Black Bear Mountain.

Marked by yellow trail markers, the trail begins on a relatively flat course. The trail is clearly defined, often exceedingly wide, and wet and muddy in places. After a flat stretch, the trail grows steeper, and large erratics stand on the trailside.

The trail climbs steeply through tree roots, rocks, and muddy sections and is flanked by beech and ash. As the trail climbs higher the surrounding forest grows thicker and denser. There are large erratic boulders on the trailside. Soon enough, the dirt path gives way to small stone staircases that curve along the mountain.


The Summit of Rocky Mountain

The hard rock surface leads to the summit. With different open rock areas, Rocky Mountain offers plenty of private viewing areas with a sweeping 180-degree view of the Fulton Chain Lakes below and the forests of the Moose River Plains beyond.


Follow the same route down as used to hike up.

Click here for a map and directions to Rocky Mountain.

When You Hike Make Sure to Practice “Leave No Trace” to be Prepared and to Protect the Forest Preserve

Please follow “carry in, carry out” rules for all trash and follow other Leave No Trace principles when hiking in the public Forest Preserve and other wild areas. The seven Leave No Trace principles are: 1) Plan ahead and prepare ; 2) Stay on hiking trails and camp at designated areas; 3) Dispose of human waste and trash properly; 4) Leave what you find; 5) Minimize campfires; 6) Respect wildlife; 7) Respect other hikers.

Educated hikers do not damage the environment. Prepared hikers do not need search and rescue unless injured.

Winter Use: Rocky Mountain is a popular mountain for snowshoeing in the winter. It is not practical for cross-country skiing.

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