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Online Guide to Hiking Trails in the Adirondack Park

50 Great Hiking Trails in the Adirondack Park Outside of the Over-Used and Crowded High Peaks Wilderness Area

The Adirondack Park is nearly 6-million acres in size, larger than the states of Massachusetts and Vermont, a place that can hold a number of national parks within its boundary, known as the Blue Line. The High Peaks Wilderness Area is the most popular destination for hikers because of the vast array of mountains of all sizes to hike and a network of 200 miles of formal trails and 100 miles of informal trails. Because of the high public use, the High Peaks has experienced extensive damage to the natural resources and public hiking trails. The High Peaks trails are often overcrowded and the trailhead parking areas fill up quickly and early most days throughout the summer and fall months and winter weekends. The Adirondack Park has many alternatives for great places to hike outside of the High Peaks.

Explore 50 Other Natural Treasures in Adirondack Park

Here are 50 terrific hikes from across the Adirondack Park outside of the High Peaks that offer hikers great rewards from stunning views and experiences in different terrains that showcase the vastness and diversity of the Adirondack landscape. Check out the 50 hikes detailed below that lead through great forests to mountains, waterfalls, bog and remote lakes.

The online trail guides listed below include descriptions, trail directions, pictures, and maps that detail the hike and provide information about protecting the natural resources and wild areas of the public Forest Preserve and Adirondack Park and how to be prepared for a good hike by practicing “Leave No Trace” hiking etiquette. Go out and hike and enjoy many different mountains, ponds, waterfalls and bogs that are off the beaten track.

Guide to Hiking Trails in the Northern Adirondack Park

Clinton County

Catamount Mountain  Catamount Mountain is a very steep and challenging 1.9-mile hike to a large, wide open summit with 360-degree views.

Lyon Mountain  Lyon Mountain is a challenging 7-mile hike (round trip) on a newly constructed trail to a spruce-covered mountaintop plateau with a firetower that provides a stunning 360-degree-view that includes the High Peaks and Montreal.

Silver Lake Bog  Silver Lake Bog Trail is a 1-mile interpretive trail owned by The Nature Conservancy that includes a long boardwalk through a complex and unique to a short forest trail to a scenic overlook on Silver Lake.

Silver Lake Mountain  This is a moderate 1.8-mile (round trip) hike over a steep and rocky trail that leads to a craggy mountaintop with sweeping views of Silver Lake, Taylor Pond, and the mountain and ridges of the northern Adirondacks.

Essex County

Cobble Lookout  Cobble Lookout is a short, easy hike that leads to an open rocky cliff area with big views of the surrounding High Peaks and mountains.

Haystack Mountain (Ray Brook)  This is a great 6.6-mile (round trip) hike in the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness Area that leads to an open rocky summit with great views to the north and west.

Jay Mountain  This is a challenging, but highly rewarding, 7-mile hike (round trip) through stunning forests to an open ridegline trail that provides dozens of great scenic vistas on the way to a rocky summit with sweeping views.

McKenzie Mountain  A challenging 10.6 mile (round trip) hike that climbs to a 3,861-foot craggy summit with great views of Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Whiteface Mountain and many High Peaks.

Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain  A classic 4.6-mile hike (round trip) on a trail that gradually gains elevation that leads hikers through varied forests, around beaver meadows, wetlands, and ponds, to a rocky summit with a firetower that provides great panoramic views of the Champlain Valley and northern Adirondacks.

Split Rock Mountain Trails (North)  Split Rock Mountain has over 10 miles of hiking trails and the northern trails to South Rocks Overlook, Split Rock Mountain, and Ore Bed Overlook wind through beautiful forests to scenic overlooks.

Split Rock Mountain Trails (South)  Split Rock Mountain has over 10 miles of hiking trails and the southern trails to Barn Rock, Snake Den Overlook, and a rocky beach on Lake Champlain wind through dense forests, around wetlands, and to rocky cliffs with great views.

Franklin County

Azure Mountain  A short, moderate hike north of Paul Smith’s that leads to an open, rocky summit with a historic firetower that provides sweeping views of the northern Adirondacks.

Bloomingdale Bog  Bloomingdale Bog is an easy and flat trail that runs atop of an abandoned railroad bed through a vast wetland and bog complex with terrific and intricate views.

Debar Mountain  An 8.2-mile hike (round trip) through great forests, that passes a lean-to and ruins of an old cabin, before reaching a rocky mountaintop with great views.

Floodwood Mountain  A short 3-mile hike (round trip), six miles down the Floodwood Road, outside of Saranac Inn, which leads to an open summit with great views of the northern Adirondacks.

Loon Lake Mountain  A 5.6-mile hike (round trip) that starts on dirt roads on conservation easement lands and then goes through old forests on the Forest Preserve before reaching a mountaintop with sweeping views from a firetower.

St. Regis Mountain  A 6.8-mile hike (round trip) that winds through dense and beautiful forests and leads to a wide-open summit with a firetower that provides grand, sweeping views.

St. Lawrence County

Mount Arab  This is a short, easy 1-mile-hike that leads to an open summit with a firetower that provides sweeping 360-degree views of the lakes, forests, and mountains of the northern Adirondacks.

Guide to Hiking Trails in the Central Adirondack Park

Essex County

Blue Ledges  The Blue Ledges Trail is a short, easy hike to the Hudson River and provides great views of the famous cliffs and beautiful swimming hole.

Goodnow Mountain  Goodnow Mountain is an easy hike on an interpretive and educational trail to a small mountain with a firetower that provides a panoramic view.

Moxham Mountain  This 5-mile hike (round trip) is one of the best in the Adirondacks, winding through forests and wetlands and over 11 scenic outcrops and overlooks on the way to a wide open mountain with broad sweeping views.

Severance Mountain  This is an easy 2.4-mile hike (round trip) just north of Schroon Lake that leads to a rocky mountaintop with great views of Schroon Lake and the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area.

Treadway Mountain  This is a moderate 7.6 mile hike (round trip) to a rocky, marble summit with view of Pharaoh Lake and the High Peaks.

Vanderwhacker Mountain  A terrific 6-mile hike (round trip) through beautiful forests, wetlands, and beaver ponds, that passes by an old cabin ruin and leads to a firetower on the mountaintop with spectacular panoramic views.

Franklin County

Coney Mountain  This is a short 2.2-mile hike (round trip) that winds through beautiful forests and reaches a wide-open summit with stunning panoramic views.

Goodman Mountain  This is an easy 3-mile hike (round trip) along an old road and hiking trail through dense forest. The summit provides great views to the south and west.

Hamilton County

Blue Mountain  Blue Mountain is a very steep and challenging 2.2-mile hike to a large, wide open summit with a firetower that provides a 360-degree view.

Cascade Pond  A long 9.2-mile hike (round trip) that is partly on a long section the Northville-Placid Trail that leads to a beautiful secluded ponds with rocky outcrops on the shoreline and a lean-to.

Chimney Mountain  A short, yet steep, 2.5-mile hike (round trip) to a rocky summit with unique geological features and great views. The area is also popular for caving exploration.

Echo Cliffs  A wonderful short 1.2-mile hike (round trip) that leads to a series of flat open cliffs that lookout over Piseco Lake and the southern Adirondacks.

Ferd’s Bog  A very short 0.6-mile flat hike (round trip) that leads to a boardwalk and viewing platform in 50-acre wide-open peat mat and bog, with a great variety of trees, plants and wildflowers.

Mud Pond Mountain  Mud Pond Mountain is a moderate 2.1-mile hike along dirt roads and trails to a small mountain with terrific views of the central Adirondacks in the Cedarlands Conservation Easement tract.

OK Slip Falls  A 6-mile hike (round trip) over rolling trail that leads to a stunning remote waterfall with great places to sit and admire the view.

Owls Head Mountain  A 6.2-mile (round trip) hike through beautiful forests that ascends to a mountaintop summit with a firetower and panoramic view

Pillsbury Mountain  A 6.4 mile (road trip) hike that starts on a dirt road and traverses some of the oldest forest in the public Forest Preserve on the way to an open rocky summit with a firetower that provides grant panoramic views.

Sagamore Lake  Sagamore Lake is a 3.7-mile loop trail through a beautiful forests on a flat old dirt road and foot trail that wraps around Great Camp Sagamore and stunning Sagamore Lake.

Sawyer Mountain  A lovely 2-mile hike (round trip) through old forests with many big trees and glacial erratics that leads to a tree-covered some with an exposed cliff that provides views to the north.

Snowy Mountain  This is a lovely, but challenging 7.8-mile hike (round trip) alongside beautiful streams and through towering forests to reach a summit with a firetower and sweeping 360-degree views of the central Adirondacks.

Tenant Falls  A hike 4.2-mile hike (round trip) through beautiful forests and three waterfalls. Many hikers stop at the first waterfall, which is just 1 mile.

Wakely Mountain  A 5-mile hike (round trip) through varied forests that is a steep climb for the last mile that leads to a tall firetower that provides a panoramic view of the central Adirondacks.

Warren County

Balm of Gilead Mountain  A 3-mile hike (round trip) that leads to a mountaintop with one of the best views in the central Adirondacks.

Bartonville Mountain  Bartonville Mountain is a wonderful easy hike to a scenic overlook above Brant Lake that is part of The Hub, a bike shop and restaurant, serving up food, beverages, and bike repairs.

Cat Mountain  Cat Mountain is an easy going 3-mile hike in the mountains west of Lake George above Bolton Landing. This is a popular mountain.

Crane Mountain  The hike up Crane Mountain offers a 2.8-mile hike round trip on a steep route with a tall ladder at one point, a longer 5.4-mile hike round trip that passes a beautiful pond, or a 4.1-mile loop hike, that all lead to a long flat 0.5-mile summit with grand views to the south.

Peaked Mountain  A 6.8-mile hike (round trip) winds along the shoreline of Thirteenth Lake, passes by Peaked Mountain Pond and beaver meadows, en route to a wonderful rocky summit with terrific views the south and west of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness and beyond.

Pharaoh Mountain  Pharaoh Mountain is a challenging 6.25-mile hike to remote mountain deep within the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area north of Brant Lake.

Guide to Hiking Trails in the Southern Adirondack Park

Fulton County

9 Corner Lake  The trail to 9 Corner Lake is a short hike and leads to a remote lake with beautiful rocky beaches and swimming spots.

Kane Mountain  This is a beautiful, short 0.6-mile hike to a summit with a firetower that can be done as a loop or an up-and-back hike. This is a popular mountain.

Saratoga County

Hadley Mountain  A 3.5-mile hike (round trip) that is steep in sections that leads to open cliffs and a rocky summit with a firetower that provides a panoramic view of the Great Sacandaga Reservoir and the southern Adirondacks.

Spruce Mountain  A beautiful 2.6-mile hike (round trip) through lush forests and grassy meadows that reaches a ridge-top firetower with grand 100-mile views.

Warren County

Five Mile Mountain  This is a moderate 7.2-mile (round trip) hike on a long and beautiful ridgeline trail that leads to a mountain summit that overlooks Lake George.

Washington County

Sleeping Beauty Mountain  Sleeping Beauty Mountain is a short, but steep 3.6-mile (round trip) hike through beautiful forests to a craggy mountaintop with  views of Lake George and the mountains and ridges of Washington County.

Guide to Hiking Trails in the Western Adirondack Park

Herkimer County

Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain  Bald Mountain, often referred to as Rondaxe Mountain, is a short 1-mile hike that offers a wide-open rocky summit and firetower that overlooks the Fulton Chain of Lakes and vast forests and mountains of the western Adirondacks

Stillwater Mountain  This hike is less than 2 miles (round trip) and winds along a wide, well-maintained trail to a firetower with great views of the rolling hills and lakes of the western Adirondacks

Adirondack Hiking Trails Guide

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